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I've lost all my motivation and feel like crying (but know it's my own stupid fault)


I will succeed!!!
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Help – I’ve lost all my motivation and feel like rubbish.

I had a great weekend in all aspects but one: SW food. I’ve been so positive and motivated for 6 weeks, having one minor slip 2 weeks ago and I feel great. But I feel like all my motivation has been drained from me. Had a fun weekend with my family (parents came to stay) but where I’d usually resist temptation, I just went to pieces this weekend. MacDonald’s cheese burger and fries, doughnut, sausage casserole (instead of the salmon I had specially in) choccy biscuits and crisps. And NONE of it was worth it. Not one mouthful. I felt like I was eating it in some weird rebellion. I lost control L

I feel so tired and drained today and know I’ve probably blown this week by having too many treats on Saturday and some of yesterday. I don’t mind having a slip – we are only human, but I’m annoyed I might have turned what started as a very good week into a gain and the fact I knew I was being an idiot and still went on. It wasn’t even enjoyable badness, I felt guilty but like I had no control.

I have today and tomorrow (WI is at 5.30 tomorrow) to try and reduce the bad impact this weekend has done and I won’t skip class as it won’t help. I’ll go regardless. I’m just worried because I just don’t feel as chirpy about it all and if I have a gain I’ll not hit my target on 1 stone by the time I go on holiday (3 WIs left including tomorrow, and 6lbs left).

It was easy to ignore until this morning as my family we there and we were having fun…but I’ve had to face the music today and I’m not happy with myself.

Argh – what happened? Where did my strength go?
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Ah dear *hugs*

We'v all been here, and its even worse when they were pointless calories..

I think the thing is you have to remember here, is that youv taught yourself a lesson.. Youv done it now, its in your body and youv enjoyed your weekend, the only downside was that it was all tinged with guilt. I think you gotta write it off, go to Wi regardless and just prepare yourself for the week ahead and take this as a learning curve and apply your new wisdom to the next time the same situation pops up. Your feeling sluggish and down because the food you ate, get some fresh fruit and veg into your body and youl soon feel better. I know when i go off plan i really feel it after.. and i wonder how my body ever survived living off the crap in the first place!

Dont beat yourself up. feeling guilty about it will not make you feel any better or shed the calories.. just appriciate whata lovley weekend you had with your family, and how many good memories youv gathered, and that you will not have those memories tinged with how you felt about food! Write it off, start again. *hugs*

Lots of love and positive thoughts your way! xxxx


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no more :cry:!

take yourself out for a long walk sometime to day.....walks are good for getting your movitation back just mind you take a lasso with you lol:D

we all have our fab weekends and its worth it cos it gives you the motivation to get going again...the worst thing to do is to take it negatively and therefore going onto a binging steak. i had a fab weekend going over my syn calculations and i enjoyed every bit of it. but its back on the path again and before i know it i will be down to the target i want. i have to be realistic with myself and i know that i could never possibly have every weekend being good and i am not going to beat myself up over it!! life is for living!!

so get back on the path and be super good!!:happy036:
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Not much to add really, as Fern has said what I think too!

We are only human and sometime we do things like that to ourselves, even though it makes us feel like sh*t and we don't even particularly enjoy doing it when we are stuffing ourselves.

The only thing you can do is exactly what you're doing. Move on. It's done now so there's no point in getting annoyed with yourself. You know you have to go to class (good), you need loads of superfree foods and gallons of water to flush the bad stuff out of you.

If you do show a gain...you know exactly why. You might still do your mini-target! You've got to try. Don't be defeatist now. Aim for it, and even if you don't reach your actual target, you'll be a darned sight closer than if you don't try :)


Still rockin' it
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Hi Mate

I know it is hard to look at the positives when you feel like this but you have actually said the most amazing thing....

that you are going to class!

This is one of the most amazingly difficult and courageous things to do- you have not given in or carried on with the mini binge. You are facing whatever those scales say and staying commited to your overall goal.

Just because you may not quite reach your target in time, you will still get there with this attitude.


I will succeed!!!
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Thanks everyone for your kind words.

I'd have said very similar things to someone if they'd posted this, but when it's yourself you sometimes get blinded by it all.

I am back on track today food wise and hopefully tomorrow will not be as cruel to me.

Thanks again...it was going rather well so it was a matter of time before I had a bad weekend hehe :)

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Echo whats been said already, but good on ya for going to class and as you say "a Lesson learnt" Don't think you will do it again in a hurry babes, but don't dwell on this anymore, get back on plan and move forwards. Sending mo jo reinforcements to ya xx


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just what everyone else said, but well done in going to class & getting back on track kep up the good work that you've put in well done on your journey so far x


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Think of it like this - IF - note the IF - you have a gain at least you know where it came from.

Use this experience to spur you on for next week. You are going to class which is the best thing you can do. Take care
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I'm glad you feel more possative now. Good luck at the WI :)


Getting fit for 30!
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I can't really add much, just echo what everyone has said. You are doing the right thing going to class, because when you give in that's when the big binges and the weight comes!

I think of SW not just as an eating plan but a life plan, if you ever listen to any of the skinny girls I know, on a Friday night they'll say ooo no more carbs tonight after this, or something along those lines, they know that they've enjoyed themselves but if they want to stay a size zero they have to be good during the week.

It's the same for us in a much less dramtic way. You recognise what you MIGHT gain, and know how to fix it. You also know you didn't enjoy your mini-binge, but if you can figure out why you did it to start with, then you can avoid it next time.

Most of all, you are human, don't beat yourself up you are doing all the right things :)

Natt xxx


I will succeed!!!
S: 13st3lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 0st8.5lb(4.59%)
I lost!!! Only 1/2 lb but a loss nonetheless. I am SO relieved and more determined to get back on track this week. Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the posts all xxxx


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Well done - sometimes it feels great to be able to start a nice fresh week doesn't it! Keep smiling.



I will succeed!!!
S: 13st3lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 0st8.5lb(4.59%)
Thanks you guys - I was amazingly relieved and my consultant laughed that I seemed happier at that loss than all my others combined hehehehe.

During group chat I was 100% honest and 'fessed up to just HOW naughty I had been and how I pulled it together Monday and Tuesday.

I have 4.5lbs to lose in 2 WIs now to hit my little target of 1 stone (at this group, 1.5 stone total) before holiday. Won't be too bothered if i miss the target, but if I have two uber good weeks I might pull it off. Here we go for two good weeks :D

Thanks all xxx


Getting fit for 30!
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That's excellent you talked it through with your consultant. Positive thinking will get you to you target before your holiday, I feel in my computer keyboard! Natt xxx


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Yeah well done!! Its always worth going back to class-something i need to remember!!


Getting fit for 30!
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That's the one thing you get from class you don't get from here, that is a professionally trained consultant. They have the facts straight from the horses mouth! (That and the sw password!)


I will succeed!!!
S: 13st3lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 0st8.5lb(4.59%)
Gotta love the SW password hehe xx

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