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I've lost my brother in weight

Sorry I'm just in a bit of shock.

Weigh in yesterday and I lost 3lb taking me to 5stone 11lb loss since 4th Feb this year. My squishy who is 12 years old decided to get weighed on our house scales and he weighs 5stone 11lb. I've lost my brother :O I can't believe I used to carry a whole 12 year old around with me everyday.

And in even better news, I now weigh the same as I did when I was 17 lol, yay me.
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Wow that really puts it into perspective!!



Likes to eat.........alot
Flipping heck Pickle, I thought this was going to be a really sad thread then! :eek::eek: Infact, I hesitated before reading it.....just put my mascara on you see :D lol

Anyway, well done! That's amazing and what as astounding perspective eh? I'd like to see you carry him round all day! lol

What our poor legs have had to put with eh? :eek:
lol - I've lost about a large guineapig. Or perhaps a small rabbit.

Seriously though - WELL DONE XX
LOL Bev, me too!

Well done on losing your brother!!! :8855:
I have lost my six year old and two thirds of my four year old combined. When I hit target, I will have lost exactly both of them. How weird! That's the weightloss equivalent of a trip to Ikea!
Blummin' 'eck I was worried reading this thread then!
I'm very glad that you haven't actually lost your brother! But losing his weight, well that's fantastic! :D xxxx
Well done that's just amazing!

Like the others, I was a little worried opening up this thread, but blimey that's a fantastic perspective to have :D Just thinking about it, I need to loose my best friend 1 1/2 times over :eek: ouch!

Kay x


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Well done xxx - that is amazing

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