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I've put on all that I have lost!

Hi everyone I really need some help. I've avoided this site for a while because I have been doing so badly and I have been ashamed to show my face.

Not sure why i am doing badly but i just am- actually i do know why! I have no motivation to follow it and am drinking loads and forgeting to count it!

My boyfriend has been looking for work for a couple of months so i was coming home and having a nice nice healthy salad that he made every lunch time but now he is working i have been having coco pops with him for breakfast, a sandwich with white bread that i make at home along with crisps and a penguin or something and a reasonably healthy dinner but i know I have slipped into my old eating habits. He works on a construction site so taking a salad is a pain and eating a sandwich while on the run is the easiest thing for him so rather than sticking to my eating plan i have been making a nice ham and salad sarni with mayo etc on 2 thick slices of bread for him and the same for me! Gone are the branflakes and banana and in are the coco pops (JESUS WE DON'T EVEN HAVE KIDS!!!!!)

I go to Egypt in 6 weeks and all my motivation has gone and I now don't want to go on holiday. I was diagnosed with depression a month or so ago and although i feel better i can see that i have slipped back into my comfort eating ways as it makes me happy (at the time at least!)

I had lost 6 lbs and tonight i got weighed and as it was a Bank holiday last week there was no weigh in and i have put on 4.5lbs so i am roight back where i started SW 7 weeks ago.

I really need some encouragement. Does anyone fancy being an email buddy or something? That or does anyone want to go to Egypt in my place?

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Hey hun, first of all, don't beat yourself up about it.

SW is a journey - some people take the direct route to target, others (like me) take the scenic route, you may get lost a few times along the way and go round and round in circles, but keep at it and you'll get to your target in the end.

I really know how you feel as I'm not losing much at the moment, have you tried going with someone else to class? I found it a great help as it meant I actually went and also I had someone to compete against (in a nice way).

It's bl**dy difficult at some times hun, but dust yourself off and get running after that wagon.

Come on cous, let's get you sorted for your hols, sounds like you need a break. Jump back on the wagon and get back to team SAS where you belong!


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You're going to have a fantastic time no matter what you weigh, but you'll feel happier in yourself if you get back on the wagon NOW and lose a bit before you go. Get out your food optimising book and start planning your meals so that you don't just grab the first unhealthy thing from the fridge. You CAN do it and you'll feel happier in yourself when you do. Good luck!
First of all - I'll go to Egypt instead ;) Seriously though Egypt is a wonderful place, what parts are you going to? Have you been before? Hubby and I went there on our honeymoon and it is amazing - believe me it is something to look forward to!!

As for SW, you know what you are doing wrong. I'm sure all of us can testify to the strong desire to go back to the life long habits we are used to. I blimmin love coco pops and could happily have them every day for every meal! But did you know you can get the weetabix minis chocolate crisp as a HX B on SW? They have little chocolate bits in them and are super tasty!! Ok so a 28g HX B serving is only about 10 of them but bulked out with milk and yoghurt and some fruit it is a really tasty breakfast that does seriously rival coco pops. Or double your portion and count the second 28g as 5.5 syns.

As for your partner, could you swap out the white bread for whole meal and both switch over to that for the lunches?

Like the others have said - you've done well and you haven't put it all back on so you aren't back at square one! Plus, you know what to do know, you know you CAN loose weight by following the plan so you are at a better point than you were 8 weeks ago.

Have a great time in Egypt, let me know where you're off to!



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Sorry Couscous I'm going to be a little tougher than those nice people ^^ but only because I have been in the same position myself!

You know what has gone wrong cus you have just told us. Your BF is capable of making his own sandwiches isn't he? If it's not practical for him to do so then make his and do the same for you but on brown and without the mayo. The coco pops have to go if you can't resist them. Get BF on board to stop you eating HIS cereal and get the bran flakes back in stock.

As for the drinking, when I first had problems with my knee I was taken off my job and put on light duties which meant office work. It was a novelty at first and the change was good but I soon got very bored and depressed with it all and started drinking EVERY night after work. I ignored the Syns and health factors at the time. Then I had a mini lightbulb moment and took a good look at what I had become and realised that I had to kick myself into touch. I cut the drinking down to weekends only and now I rarely drink at all. I made a conscious effort with the diet and turned it all around.

You are already halfway there hun, you know what is going wrong and it is only YOU that can turn it around x
Thjanks everyone you#'ve all been so supportive. We had a chat last night and he is gopign to make his own sandwiches and make me a salad every day like he used to. We#'re also not going to buy crisps and penguins and he is going to stop at the shop on the way to way to work and get them for his lunch if he wants them. He's happy to go back to branflakes and a chopped banana as well because he wants to support me.

I even went to Teasco last night and bought lots of fruit and veg and tonight I am going to make a syn free vegetable soup so we can fill up on that vefore meals etc (and we love the home made soup as well.)

Thanks the weetabic choc hint, that sounds good and might give me the choc fix i crave as well.

I'm off to Sharm-El-Sheikh, I went last year with a friend and loved it so we're off there again and today I am a lot more positive and looking forward to it.

I guess I was disappointed with my leader as well because i said that I have ben struggling and asked her if she could give me a call during the week and her response was "Yeah if I get time!"
great news that your bf is being so supportive, mine is too and it is such a help.

In 6 weeks you could easily lost up to a stone and that would really get you motivated again.

Enjoy Sharm. We went there last year and had a nice time.
Sorry, I missed this thread, hows it going now cc? xxx

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