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Jacks 8 week WI Yipppppeeeee


Gonna be slim again
Hi gang
Today i have lost another 4lb:D !! Im so blown away by it. It goes to show what a fab diet LT is and how much you can lose. Now that said like Helen and Liberty Girl i have changed over to CD, but only for the flavours as i was craving some porridge.
Hope everyone else has a happy WI today:)
Enjoy your weekend peeps
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Great news Jack :D xx
fantastic result..how you finding CD, lots are going over to it...how long have you been on it?


Gonna be slim again
Only been on it since yesterday, im glad i stuck with LT first though as that has given me the drive to lose weight, especially with this amazing family on minimins!:silly: I felt i was starting to crave different foods, probably my own fault as i watch all the cooking programmes! :eat::drool:But i feel i am able to swap over to CD and not go mad with the choc bars etc (he says!) One important thing i noticed was that it has revitalised my enthusiasm for losing weight!;)
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great news and fantastic weight lose well done you xx


Is thinking positive!
WELL DONE SAILOR JACK..That is amazing babes XX :)


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Hiya Jack!!
Fantastic loss Hun, well done you!
I hope you're going to stay on the LT forum and not defect to the CD one, I love your posts.
You must be looking hot hot hot now ;)
Let's see some updated pics, you old salty dog you. xxxx


on the up lol
well done good job on ur WI :)


Gonna be slim again
Thank you guys, Im still an LT'er through and through as i love posting on this forum, everyone is brilliant, so supportive, just as society should be! Cathy im working on those pics hun, but my uniform is too big for me now so i'll have to wait until i get a new one, i'll see what i can do! LG the tomato soup is divs!!! and yes you did encourage me, you naughty girl!!!
well done on your loss


a new way of living!
well done - be interesting to see what next wee wi will be.

have the chaps at work commented on your losses yet?


Gonna be slim again
well done - be interesting to see what next wee wi will be.

have the chaps at work commented on your losses yet?
Hi Helen, By all acounts it should be just the same as if i were on LT (so they say) But i expect as i get nearer to my target the weight losses to reduce somewhat. I've had one bloke ask me if i'd lost weight at work when we were playing badminton, other than that Blokes in general dont tend to say nice things like you ladies do!!! ;)
EXCELLENT LOSS!!! Good luck on CD!!!! :D

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