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Jades LT Diary

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Weight Loss Diaries' started by corlie, 1 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. corlie

    corlie Member

    Ok so today is only day one but might aswel start from now. Ive always been a big girl ive been on lots of diets lost weight gained. This time i really want it off my girls are getting bigger an i want them to be proud of there mumm. So here goes my biggest temptation is i work with food :-( so that will be hard but hoping if i get through this week it will be easier.
    Heres to weight loss xx
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  3. AvaGardner

    AvaGardner Well-Known Member

    Hello Jade! Best of luck on day 1. I am into week 3 and looking and feeling sooo much better. You can do it! Ive been a big girl most of my life. Got skinny once. Hoping to get back there. If I can stick to it. anyone can. Expect a big loss in week 1 (mostly water weight). That spurs you onto week 2. I hope the time flies for us!

    Pop in here for support. Its starting to get a wee bit busier! :)

  4. corlie

    corlie Member

    Wow what a great liss your first week thats amazing. Feeling positive and the fact it costs afew quid will spur me on. Just tried a peanutbutterflapjack. The weirdest taste of something ever. I do feel full off it though x
  5. AvaGardner

    AvaGardner Well-Known Member

    Yip! You will have a fab loss too if you stick with it! Not a fan of the flapjacks. But more power to you.

    Im at 15lbs down. You will get there too. :)

    Have a lovely eve doll

  6. corlie

    corlie Member

    So day two i could eat a scabby donky. Eating a soup not that bad will feel full after this. Well done ava 15lb thats greatx
  7. AvaGardner

    AvaGardner Well-Known Member

    Oh lord. I feel ill at that expression lol lol

    Well done for getting to Day 2. The time will fly. Im at week 4 tomoro. Woooop.

    And thank you. Ive a wee pic of my progress in my diary if ya want to have a peek.

    Keep up the good work lady

  8. corlie

    corlie Member

    Will bob by an have a look. Two more days an will be easier im holding out Ava, lol x
  9. corlie

    corlie Member

    Ok day three not as hungry but had to bake a cake an never been so tempted. My friend is doing lipotrim shes 8days in lost 15lb so thats really motivating me x
  10. AvaGardner

    AvaGardner Well-Known Member

    Wow ur mates had a super loss. Hope you do too honey :)

    Well done for baking and not giving in! Im lucky i dont have to cook at all.

  11. corlie

    corlie Member

    Haha i know it was for my friend on LT daughter. Shes really chuffed it was her saying about it made me give it ago. Soday four an not as hungry. Took kids to the zoo they ate sausagean chips the other half a steak pie i did buckle an ate a small tub of tuna (just to fit in) didnt have a shake an girls pinched half of it. Hoping ive not messed up too bad but im thinking ive gotta have a life aswel an that little bit of tuna stopped me pinvhin the kids chips an sausage so not too bad. Ava i couldnt see your piccy in ur diary (but this phone can be a pain).
    On another plus i defo think im in ketosis my breath feels gross an even my 3year old said i had poopoo breath (charming i know) so think im goin to get listerine on tap. Is there any breath mints i can have x
  12. corlie

    corlie Member

    Ok been MIA couple of days but stuck to the diet. I got weighed a day early 12lb!!!! Cant believe it was soo amazed cant believe it worked that much x

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