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James Lamper on TV now


constantly confused
Close your eyes! :D

I must say this programme is about how dangerous quick weight loss is, so why is James on it? :confused:

His role in this is to see that presenter woman through her 'yo yo' diet, where she has to put lots of weight on and then lose it quickly.


constantly confused
i'm annoyed with that woman who's said to be teh size Janet Jackson was, you'd have to over eat to the extent of having 3 pizzas instead of one pizza, or 12 extra donuts.

Um, no! I was about the same size she looks there, I certainly didn't eat 3 pizzas and 12 donuts a day :mad:
I hate that bloke with a passion - I want to stab him in the eye every time he comes on the dvd's. In fact I don't want to do the exercises purely because he's told me to do them that is how much I detest him.


Striving for slimness
lol so cool to hear everyone else hating the dvd people. Lol me and toller girl always sat through the dvds saying about the man presenter making everyone feel bad. Hed say things like "can you believe you let yourself get this big, I bet you felt awful that big" he shocking! Don't get me started on james the exercise bloke who just doesn't wear shoes PUT SOME SHOES ON!!!! lol ah I miss the dvds just for the fun of taking the mick out of them
And our group slags off the fashion section, last weeks told us we could change our outfit just by adding a scarf.
We were going to go round town looking for the people wearing scarves and ask them if they'd done LL :D


Silver Member
I love this thread. Our group was the same we called the woman frigid hahaha.
And as for exercise man, yes he is so annoying.
I watched that programme last night too, some of those people where talking rubbish. I did not get as fat as Janet Jackson by eating that much. Unless she got that fat really quickly.
Lol, I remember him from dvds, I didn't mind him, thought he was quite good looking. Tell you who I couldn't stand, Helen Lederer and her 'I don't know about you' monologue. :giggle:

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