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Janes food diary (mostly green)


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still fairly new to this site so hopefully this is the right way to do it:eek:
started slimming world last tuesday and im following 'green'most days but might d the odd 'red' day when i feel like it.

if you spot any whoopsies in what im eating then let me know:eek: im back dating these so ive got my diary since starting.

Tuesday - green
breakfast- banana, 28g porridge (HEb) with 100ml ss milk (1/2 HEa)
lunch - pasta with HM tomato sauce and 2 bacon rashers (HEb)
snack - shape zero yoghurt with raspberries
dinner - pasta with light philly (3syns) and mushrooms and SW chips.
snack - kitkat (5.5syns)
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wednesday - green
Breakfast - banana and shape zero yoghurt
lunch - 2 slice toast (HEb) with 28g cheese(HEa) and tomatoes and lettuce, mayo (2syns)
dinner - noodles with mushrooms, peppers, spring onion and soy sauce
snack - yoghurt with raspberries, kitkat(syn 5.5)


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thursday - red
breakfast - banana, shape zero yoghurt
lunch - 2 slice toast(HEb) with bacon, mushrooms and dry fryed eggs
snack - yoghurt and raspberries
dinner - diet coke chicken, with side salad and 28g grated cheese(HEa)
snacks - 2 kitkats (11syns)

started off this day with good intentions and was looking forward to having a red day but got to the end of the day and realised that id only had 1 'b' choice, and then broke into a bit of a binging habit by having 2 kitkats back to back just because i hadnt used any syns :(


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Friday - green
breakfast - banana and shape yoghurt
lunch - 2 slice toast(HEb) with tin spaghetti hoops with 14g grated cheese (1/2 HEa)
dinner - pasta with peppers, mushrooms, fat free greek yoghurt and 57g philly(HEb)
snacks - really small ripple (guessing at 5.5syns)
chocolate moose made with quark, vlf fromage frias and cadburys options (1syn) with tbsp squirty cream (1syn)


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ok so thats me up to date with my food diary from last week so only todays to write down:)

saturday - green
breakfast - banana
brunch - 2 slice toast (HEa) with 28g cheese (HEa), low fat spread (3syns) and a minestrone mug shot.
snack - peach, raspberries and shape zero yoghurt.
dinner - 2 tesco meat free chicken fillets with baby potatoes, garlic cloves, mushrooms and side salad, dip made of vlf fromage frais and tbsp sweet chilli sauce mixed together (1.5syn)

still to have a 'b' choice and 5.5 syns if i need them.


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hi Donna, i tried ee the last time i was on slimming world but gave up completly because i couldnt get to grips with it at all and wasnt losing much but only yesterday i read about the 1/3 rule, id never heard of this before with the EE plan so it was no wonder i wasnt doing well lol.

my WI is tuesday and i really hope that ive lost well in my first week or ill be gutted :cry: saying that though ive just slipped into a really bad binging habit that i used to have and im discusted with myself for eating 5 mini ripple bars:mad::mad: i feel sick to my stomach and soooo angry with myself that i know i wont let it happen again:cry:

when do you WI?


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Hmmmmm im so angry with myself tonight for having a chocolate binge:mad: see above post and also my weight loss diary.

but anyway onwards and upwards.... so todays food diary:

Sunday - green
breakfast - nectarine, banana
lunch - 2 slice toast (HEb) with 3 scrambled eggs made with dash milk and 30g RF chedder (HEa) (milk + cheese =full HEa allowance
dinner - quarn spaghetti bolognaise made with mixed peppers, onions, garlic, mushrooms and carrots.
syns and HEb written off due to chocolate binge

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