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Jay's Refeed Diary

Hi all!!

well i've moved over from LT to re-feed this week and here i intend to list the things that i have been eating along with exercises that i have also gone through

As i'm now already on day 4 i'm not going to put what i'm about to eat in days ahead but what i have eaten and record the activities that have been completed not what i'm about to do.

There have been a couple of things that i've had that aren't as strict as they should have been but i wanted to share with whoever was reading my diary.


Breakfast - LT maintenace shake

Lunch - LT maintenance shake

Dinner - 4.5oz Chicken with salad, lettuce, toms, pickled onions, celery, spring onion, cucumber


Breakfast - LT Shake (FULL MALE VERSION)

Lunch - prawn salad with small low fat coleslaw

Dinner - Shared seared scallops with cauliflower puree on black pudding (minute pieces i hasten to add)

Grilled Sirloin Steak Salad

Sparkly water no alcohol!!!


Breakfast - LT shake

Lunch - Indian Buffet!!! ate two chicken wings (no skin) two Chicken Pakora (the batter and other stuff removed) Chicken Jalfrezi (just the chicken) Bombay Potato (1/4 of a medium potato) small triangle of naan bread.

Diet Coke!!! wow

The old me would have scoffed for ages but now was full really quickly and chose the best bits there

Dinner - Chicken Salad as before

Day 4

Breakfast - LT Shake

Lunch - Tuna pitta with Salad

Dinner - Minced beef with home made tom sauce and 4oz wholemeal pasta


Day 1

100 Inner thigh presses (some machine i have called bums n thighs or something)

Day 2
Walking around town shopping for 2 hours

Day 3
200 Inner Thigh presses

Day 4

3.3km on treadmill @ 5.8km/h

amazed at the difference now from when i first got the treadmill. Not out of breath at all and not any sweat!! Still drank 1/2 litre of water though.

Will ramp this up significantly over the next few weeks

I've been monitoring the scales and so far have stayed the same as wednesday weigh in.

For me the weekend was a bit of a blowout with three meals out but for the next two weeks there are no more meals out so i'll be in total control

The next meal is for my birthday which is a week on Friday but i've downloaded the menu and have made the right choices for me already!!

hope you all are doing well and will try and update as often as i can

Jay ;)
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Hi Jay
Isn't it weird eating? I like the sound of the scallops on black pudding ;-)
I've just this minute got back from my first weigh in after starting refeeding and I've lost 2lbs so am delighted. I've started trying to use the exercise bike and done loads of walking (18000 steps yesterday) in an attempt to tame the wobbly bits.
What do you make of the maintenance shakes? I quite like them but now we're allowed variety again, my pharmacist has given me some Cambridge ones to try this week.

All the best with refeeding Jay


great news for the 2lbs!!!

i wasn't that freaked out to eat again but do enjoy it, just thankfully can't eat as much any more!!

yum yum the scallops were fab!!!

i do find the Maintenance shakes a good alternative but do find them a bit bubbly????

WOW 18000 steps!!! thats gotta be like 10-12kms!!!

all the best

Jay ;)
Latest update as i'm sitting waiting to go into a meeting...


Dinner was changed from Minced Beef to Quorn Sausage and Fillets!!! with salad..

was actually quite impressed with both of these, i felt they needed a bit of brown/red sauce to add to the flavour but still a lot less calories and fat than a normal sausage!!!!


150 Inner Thigh Presses


Breakfast - LT Strawb Shake

Lunch - LOW FAT ASDA Chicken salad sandwich + small sushi pack + Red apple pieces and grape pack (Total 550 cals & 1.4g Sat Fat)

Dinner - Homemade beef stew with Jacket potato (my oh's stew is to die for!!!)

Jay ;)


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
My only criticism is that you are straying from the refeed plan.

Indian on day 3???? :eek: are you insane?! although you didnt have much bare in mind how things are cooked when you are out and about - and am i right in thinking Indian food involves almost everything being cooked in ghee? (clarified butter) .... so whilst you may think you didnt have much you more than likely did.

I dont want that to come across as really harsh but the refeed plan is there for a reason and that reason is vital.

I hope you don't gain on your weigh in but if you do atleast you will know why :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Jay, I see you are as individual as ever!!! Doing refeed in your own inimitable style. Hope it does not impact on your losses. You are always so focussed, I'd say you have it all in hand. How does it feel to be back in the land of grub???? Good, I bet!!
Lots of luck for continued success with it.
Hi all..

its been an up and down couple of weeks as you can see from the +2lbs -2lbs in my sig

but i've had a great time!!!

Had my birthday this last weekend and celebrated that with a few meals out...

also a 7-8 mile bike ride in between

now these two weeks are out the way and the weather looks like its finally improving i am starting the excercise properly!!!

it was amazing going back on the bike, at least 5 stone lighter!! so much easier, its great!!!

the treadmill is also a lot better now too...

i've managed to make the right choices food wise when i've had to but with a weigh in tomorrow i feel i have gone up a couple....

oh well that what life is all about??? enjoying it now and the fluctuations don't concern me as i know that i do/can and will be putting in hard work to manage my fitness and the weight side of it is really by the by (as long as its not fat i'm putting on)

i've added some pictures so go have a look if you are interested

all the best

jay ;)


Silver Member
Fantastic pics Jay - you must be delighted. It is amazing how different it feels exercising now for me too. I always hated it before - no wonder as I was heaving an extra 6 and a half stones of fat around at the time ;)



irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Jay, glad you are doing well. The birthday celebrations must have been all the more sweeter knowing you have made a big change in your lifestyle. No doubt you will continue to manage your diet well. Balance without obsession is what it is all about. Good for you!!
Thanks molly!!

yeah hitting 35 was a great thing after all!!!

A year ago i wasn't looking forward to it as another milestone as i felt big and clumsy fat and old but now i feel much younger and i'm not exactly athletic, yet, but i'm trying to get there!!!

with all the celebrations last week i have put on 2.6lbs at the weigh in this week but i feel that it was a one off blow out and even this morning i was 2/3 pounds lighter than the day before!!!

roll on the warmer weather so i can get out every night again on the bike and REALLY get myself into propper shape!!! the weightloss was easy now the hard work starts!!!

talking of a warmer climate, i'm off to Ghana next week on business and its 35 deg there and where i'm going (a building site) gets up to 47 deg in the basement at midday:hitthefan::banana dancer::faint2::d'oh::character00264::7834:

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
2.6lbs was not so bad given that you were doing plenty of celebrating. The heat in Ghana will melt that off you anyway!!! Enjoy your trip and watch the calorie intake. Business trips can be lethal for making excuses to eat or drink too much so be mindful of the slippery slope to tubbiness!!!!
well back home now after the trip from hell...

the food was pretty bad, the sights of poverty were incomprehendable and all i can say is thank god for Great Britain....we have a lot to be thankful for!!!

as far as the weight goes i'm pretty happy to report that i'm still just 2lbs over the weight that i finished LT on so with that i'm chuffed...

one of the main reasons i guess is that i've still got the dicky tummy from Africa :(

hopefully it will go soon so i can start back on the bike and treadmill

Jay ;)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Yep, puts things in perspective when you see how life is lived in so very different cultures. On a philisophical note, what is poverty???? These people may be rich in community, family etc, things we westerners seem to have lost touch with in our material world!!!
Glad the weight is under control, good for you.

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