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Jelly and Lollies question


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I don't know, but I hope someone who does will be along soon! They sound delicious:)
I think officially it would be a no as you're not meant to have either of those to drink nevermind to change into lollies etc.
Saying that...I know some CDC still go by the old guidelines when it comes to these drinks. My advice...ask your CDC how they feel about you having them as everyone will have a different opinion on the subject.
I've never heard of being allowed the apple perfectly clear by the way, wouldn't it contain a small ammount of citric acid?

Mrs B

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I've made jelly with Coke Zero. I know, I'm a bit odd, but it was nice. As KM said officially its a no-no but if you're ok with it .....
I read somewhere on the forum that neither of the two perfectly clears mentioned contained citric so therefore unofficially legal. I am new to the diet so will walk on water at the moment. lol
So, being a newbie to this diet...are we allowed Coke Zero or not?
Getting a bit bored with water and black coffee.
Jewelee500 officially no but ask your CDC, they might not be to happy if they don't approve and you've started drinking it because someone on here said it we ok..if you see what I mean.


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the perfectly clear still apple and sparkling strawberry and kiwi contain malic acid, not citric acid.
i drink it every day and have made yummy lollies from the still apple. havent tried making into jellies though ( may have to try that)
as for the gelatine, i looked into the supercook gelatine and contacted supercook for the nutritional values. it is almost identical to the mix a mousse ( infact the mix a mousse needs one a a half scoops to make half litre jelly which is about 12 calories more than the supercook gelatine).
hope this helps
It all depend on what your CDC says! I know for a fact mine would not be impressed if I started drinking/eating these drinks without talking to her first.
I know this is a hard diet and at times you are just dying to taste something different but I really would not advise you to eat/drink anything other than water and your packs/bars without consulting your CDC first. Most of them will are avalible on the end of the phone anytime so just give them a call and ask.

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