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Jennifer's diary

I have done lighter life last year and lost nearly 4.5 stone but have put around 2 of that back on :cry:

Started back on packs yesterday as had some in the house and purchased a few from my councillor to tide me over until i officially go back to the group on the 30th (a week on Thursday).

I started the packs yesterday and it actually seemed like a doddle. I've tried to get back into it so many times in the past few months and never succeeded past day 1 :(

Yesterday was fine, drank all day and felt better already waking up this morning 'not feeling full' which is nice. This is day 2 and i feel fine, still a bit bloated though but i presume i will remain feeling bloated until all the carbs are out my system?!

I have never actually felt this positive about re-starting and feel emotionally really ready to get back into LL.

Onwards and upwards :D
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Hi Jennifer!:)

Hope your okay? ketosis usually kicks in on day 3 or 4...depends on the person I suppose! I bought some ketostix from the chemist to check I'm flushing out ketones:)

Have a good day...and stick at it...you know it works from your previous weighloss and after the first week packs become the norm again and are easy to stick to if you don't lapse (he he , wish I could heed my own advice...but I was 100% yesterday ) Are you doing LLlite or total?
Thanks Sorcha for your reply :) Im now on day 4 and have stuck to it 100%.

Im doing the LL full 4 packs in abstinance. I am amazed how easy ive found it this time, usually i can't get past day 1 or 2.

I didn't know you could buy sticks from the chemist i'll probably do that - thanks :) but i should be in ketosis now?


Likes to change diets...
S: 14st6lb C: 13st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st7lb(3.47%)
Hi Jennifer:)

Where are you up to now....day 4? Then I should think you are in ketosis! I know what your thinking though!! First couple of days is water/glycogen...and after its pure fat burn and thats all us LLers want!

Worth getting the sticks as they are a great way of telling if you are hydrated...the lighter the colour the more hydrated you are....and it is a guide to the ketones your body is expelling. If it is dark purple, it means your de-hydrated.....but some people are different and they can show dark purple even if they are consuming enough fluid and doesn't mean you will burn fat any quicker....fluid intake is the key to LL ( prob don't need to tell you that!)

Well done for being 100%!!! You are in the zone and it make all the difference....you will get that 2 stone off in no time:) Have a good day tommorow:)
So disappointed with myself! Ate a smoked sausage last night :( why oh why :confused:

I am not sure if this will take me out of ketosis as no carbs in it and i still feel freezing so maybe ok.

Oh dear.... Im not going to dwell on it though and move on as i'm back on track today (day 5)


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Hun if you have done it before you will do it again! Come on! I know you can and you know you can. Ok so you lapsed. Not great but just forget about it and carry on as normal. You only have 2st to lose. You'll get there in no time :)
Be strong! :)
Day 1 for me **officially** and on packs 100%.

Started the class last night so weigh in a thursday for me.

The weekends for me are the toughest so this could be a sttruggling (beginning on a Friday) but im determind so here goes! Should be in ketosis by Monday :cool:
Really struggling after 4 weeks! Last week i kinda faffed about on and off and only lost 1lb.

This week has been a complete write off, waste of time and money for me !! :mad:

Started again today so here's my day 1 again :eek:

Girl in the office is back in abstinance again so its easier for me when we are both doing it, here's hoping this time that is it.


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Good luck Jennifer! Stick with it and you'll lose the weight you need to lose so quickly, then you can have all the things you crave (in moderation) when you are back on conventional food. I'm just starting week 6, and have managed 100% but i have been tempted on a number of occasions but i tell myself that i can't have that food right now.....but i can once i have finished abstinence. It tends to help me get over the craving!

I do hope your work colleague can keep you focused!

You can do it! :)

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