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Jen's diary.. This is all new to me!!



I'm Jen, 27 from Bromley in Kent..
I am married to Mark, 33 and we have 2 children, Ellie is coming up for 7 in feb and caitlyn will be 4 in March..

And, i am aiming to lose weight for the 1st time in my life!!

Me and food... have a good relationship, I eat what i want when i want normally lol :eek::eek:
But i have realised i need to cut back on the rubbish and start eating more smarted in order to get a trimmer, leaner me...!!

I have literally gone from eating maccy d;s a few times a week, loads of fatty currys, pot noodles, microwave meals and big roasts, drinking coke and having sugar in my tea...

to following sw..!

I am not sure how my 1st week has gone tbh, the first few days i tried my best, but i soon realised i'd gone over my sysn:mad:

BUT... I think over the weekend, it's all started to click.. i hope anyway..

My weigh in is Weds..

Roll on weight loss...!!
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Good luck, it can take a while to fall into place, so don't panic if your first loss isn't as much as you hope. I can certainly vouch for that! I'm on week 2 and hoping for a better loss this week!! xx
It can be a bit confusing at times. I can't get my head around the EE plan at all..

I am just gonna follow the Original and Green plans..I won't get as lost with them LOL.

Good luck Jen
I found Green to be a bit easier, I am back on EE today, i preferr green as you can have more hex's =) lol

I'll just see what happens come weds..!

I'm not a cook, and im finding it a bit hard to think of things to have for dinner, seriously, we lived on chicken chargrills & chips before now lol but i'll be ok..

Tonight we are having

SW chips
Tesco *Lighter choices* chicken breast in Tom & Basil sauce.. it's only 1/2 syn for one breast woohoo
So i may have 2.. dunno yet.
having it with petit pois and some other random veg what i'll think of when im cooking it!

It'll mean i've had 4 1/2 syns total is i have 2 breasts..

Oooh.. decisions.. what to have as a treat tonight..!

Today went ok eating wise, things stressing me out for no reason personal wise though :cry::cry: i'm not sure whats happening with my periods, but i've sort of had some bleeding and not this week, so i wouldnt be surprised if it affected my loss :rolleyes:

anyway, we just had dinner ( roast chook) :)
and i am off for a bath before putting the kids to be..

might have a choc mousse a bit leter...! (light one, ofc..!)

My 1st weigh in tomoz.. :eek:
Well, I'm just counting down the hours till my 1st WI...

I'm wondering if my efforts will have gotten me a loss..
Although im doubting much as i only started thurs really and it took me a few days to get used to syns/plans..!

ah well. we shall see..!
Good luck for tonight, don't be harsh on yourself if the loss isn't what you're hping for :) x
Thanks hun =) I wish i hadnt of told anyone i'm going to SW cos hubby, mum, my boss even all know im having a wi tonight lol
ah well, im off soonish there so we will see!! Gonna take my fibre plus bar with me to munch on after WI hehe
hey well done , I find that by doing red days i seem to lose more weight i love green days but don't lose as much and i don't do EE also because i just don't get it ,so i think my body deals with protein better
I might try a few red days soon, once my head is fully round the whole thing xx

I got these Kellogs fibre plus bars in tesco, it's a choc one and OMFG for a fibre plus bar, it's LUSH!
hehe.. know the feeling, i've been a tad bunged up the past week ( but thats not un usual for me) and i have been very windy.. LOL

I dont like bran flakes or other stuff like that

I would defo recommend the Kellogs fibre plus x
Well today is going well so far..!!

Had my last assessment at work today, i am a pre school teacher and have been studying my level 3 in childcare as when i joined the pre school, i had no Qualifications ( i was a sahm for 5/6 years)
So, i've FINALLY finished the course, just have to tie up loose ends now and wait for it to be marked ( Eeeek) lol


Having spag bol 2night, cooking from scratch, we used to have it using Ragu or Dolmio. yes... i know, Lazyness.. :p but i think we have turned a corner now, me & hubby i mean and our eating habits..

Onwards & upwards..
Feeling crappy today :( Just wanna stuff my face with rubbish, went shopping and stared longingly @ sausage rolls and pizza :(

feeling like i still dont know what im doing on the plan, and just wanna cry right now.. :cry::cry::cry:

Maybe my star week is approaching!!! :sigh:

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