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Jesi's Weigh in


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Hello everyone,

I have been weighed after taking a break and restarting. I have lost a further 4.6lbs and have reached my ultimate goal. My BMI as of today is 29.2.

The last time I was 68kgs was over 10 years ago so I am very very pleased. I want to be between 55kg-58kgs so I will still be carrying on.

This result is not for a weeks diet it is for 2 weeks as I did not want to be dissapointed with a small loss like always get. I know that next week is going to be low but I dont care.

wooohoooooooooooo bring on the shakes!
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well done hun, ur doing great.
feels good when ur bmi gets under 30.
keep it up
x x
Hey girl !! well done on reaching your goal bmi!! :wave_cry: Sorry haven't been around here alot lately had a blip the last three weeks. ended up taken kids away for oldest's 10th birthday and have also started back to work off maternity leave!!!:mad: all in all i put 6lb back on according to my own scales but went to weigh on thursday and have lost that to be where i was on week 7 weigh in so started back since thursday!!! come girl we can do it!!!


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Thanks everyone it feels amazing, you are all doing really well too!!

@ soon2beyummymummy! Babes I was wondering where you dissapeared to. Well I have taken 2 breaks aswell and do get bad days so I know how you feel. I just felt that taking breaks did me more good then anything. You seem like you have it all planned out and I am sure you will do as great as you did before. How is your mum? is she still on LT? take care xxxxx
thanks for the welcome back!!! yeah my mum is on it but she had a weeks break as she also went on holidays. but back on it now changed our weigh in day to a friday morning instead of saturday as i now work a twelve hour night shift on friday nights so no way i could stay up to weigh on a saturday morning!!! both getting back inti it again just like you and i agree i think a short break does us the power of good!! small targets little by little and we'll all make it!! how about your fertility treatment any more news with that???


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how about your fertility treatment any more news with that???
I have been refered back to the fertility unit, my appointment is on the 13th October. I will post and let you all know how it goes :)
Well done hun dats a brilliant loss! at least you have that behind you for your fertility treatment.
Fantastic acheivement, well done! have just started on Lipotrim, on 2nd day and finding it a bit hard going at times as i`m hungry. how did you keep going and when do the hunger pangs stop?? I guess it`s when ketosis kicks in?
awwww babe that is fantastic- you've done brilliantly and I'm delighted for you!


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Great result and congrats on reaching your goal. You must be so pleased

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