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im the same weight i was two weeks ago! im a dummy for ever coming off this! note to everyone - stay on the wagon or you will be fighting every bump in the road to get back on! or maybe im just weak lol
I know how you feel. My weigh in tomorrow and I am dreading it. I start this diet every morning but by lunchtime I have blown it, I think after tomorrows weigh in I am going to try and be as good as I was on week 1, it is so silly as on week 1 I was not even hungry and so motivated. Lets go for it, a fresh start.
thats the way i was kathleen on week one, i was so in there with the positivity and i was actually enjoying the diet! its not as if i was hungry and thats why i came off it, it was just sheer 'i want.. ill have' attitude and eff it basically, i was gave an excuse and i used it! i have all the shakes and right foods in the fridge so now i have no excuse! need to try and remember im going away for a week in may and thats why im doing it and also for my self esteem and general wellbeing! hopefully we will both manage a good week ahead! we can do it, we have proved it before!
That what I was feeling loland that why I decided not to eat at all because i really want to lose 3 stone for so that i can look good for summer.
Hey girls, totally know what you mean, fell off the wagon last week for several days and paid the consequence and it is hard getting back on but re-started yesterday and so far so good, albeit only day 2!!

It's hard sometimes to remain focused 100% of the time but at least we've got over our little blips and got back on it again - it would be far easier to just say "what the hell" and not bother - but we won't be doing that now, will we!

Lets make this a great week and give ourselves a big boost xx
I totally know what you mean - the amount of times ive looked at the co op out my window and pined after the delish chocolate brownies! Its not will power thats stopped me cheating, its the massive que in there! hahaha :) Best of luck with the fresh start :)
I dont feel like i've lost anythhing this week since I came off it.. i've not been pigging out, just replaced the CS shake with a slimfast one and had an atkins bar for dinner then usual low/no carb evening meal as I was before..

not been snacking tho (haven't felt hungry!) and have only had 1L of water some days.. we'll see on thurs :confused:
starting again tomorrow, P.R.O.P.E.R.L.Y lol i caved in today at lunchtime while i was at my course, im going in to the kitchen in a minute to put my lunchtime shake in my bag for going so ive no excuses. hope everyone is doing well, i feel a bit of an intruder coming in here just lately as ive not been behaving tut tut!