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Job and diet


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Hi everybody!

What is your job and is it easy to follow a diet at your work place? What are the pros and cons about your job when it comes to dieting and being healthy?

I myself am a secondary school teacher and I barely have time on my own. I am always running around the desks (I am a "bouncy" teacher, LOL:D) and I always have something to do or say (of course, we teachers loooove lecturing :rolleyes:) so I barely have the time to think about my diet. Come lunchtime, I am not even hungry :eek: The cons are that I cannot drink as much as I want because I cannot leave the pupils alone. And stress is very high at the mo, as I am only a beginner, but it would be the same in any other job.

I loooove my job. My girls are so nice (apart from a few bad apples :p) and I NEVER get bored :) The downside is that sometimes, I feel like some people are ungrateful, especially my managers :( But I don't care, because my girls enjoy my lessons, so it is all good :D

Teaching and dieting? Bring it on I say!!!!!! Although some of my colleagues may differ :p

And what about you?
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health visitor ...........passing shops !!! out and about ............ can get fluids in easier .......... but letting it out ..... well thats a problem ........xx


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but letting it out ..... well thats a problem ........xx
That must be really annoying. How do you do when you REALLY need to go?
I have worked in the same place for the last 18 years and find my diet and my job fit quiet well.My boss introduced me to cd and now takes me through to get my meals on a monday aft between shifts (great boss just in case hes reading this ).I think my cdc (can recomended my cdc to anyone she is lovely)didnt think I could stick to this diet because of my job but 107 days later and Im still here and doing great.
My job is :eek: I fry fish and chips all day long :eek: hand on heart I have never pinched even 1 chip


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IMy job is :eek: I fry fish and chips all day long :eek: hand on heart I have never pinched even 1 chip
Oh my, that is temptation or I am called Elie anymore!!!!:eek:
Well done you!!!
Could you not take a big bottle of Evian into the classroom and sip it?

What do you teach?

My work is a diet disaster - the canteen sells stoge. That is why LT is good - at the beginning of the week I take 5 sachets with me. That way I can't forget - and I keep a shaker in my drawer. I am far too lazy and forgetful to take a packed lunch to work every day.

I am HR advisor btw.

No way could I work in a chippy and not eat lol.


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Yes, I can take a bottle of water Spannerpan, the problem is finding time to go the loo! And I have a weak bladder :eek: I blame my fat which must press against my bladder :p

I teach languages, so I am always talking :D And I also teach Latin :D
Im lucky, I work shifts & theres no canteen at work. Im a Police Despatcher & because we have so many computer systems, and a touch screen phone/radio system we're not allowed to eat at our desks, tho we can have drinks (as long as theyre in sealed containers lol) It means you have to bring in your own food or go out for take away etc. So taking in my own food every day is no problem at all :)

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