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Job interview


Determined to do this
I have an interview today at Blackburn College for a Trainee HR Assistant. I'm so nervous I feel sick. I've a had a few interviews before, 2 jobs I was offered and 2 I wasn't, but I have never wanted a job so much as this one. My mum and aunty both work at the college and love it so I know it's a great place to work.
Any last minute hints/tips would be greatly appreciated. ARGH
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Just wanted to wish you good luck.

Dont forget to have a couple of questions ready to ask about the job when they ask you if you have any questions. I always feel that makes you look as if you have prepared yourself fully for the interview.

I am desperately trying to find a job myself without luck at the minute. So i'm definitely sending my best wishes.


Mini crazy cat lady
Good luck! Yeah, it's always good to have a few questions ready to ask them, and also ask questions about the position. If they seem friendly enough and it's not too formal, can also ask them questions about themselves, such as how long they have worked there, and what their favourite aspects are.
Good luck for today.
good tips of the girls already.
Big smile, lots of confidence and sell yourself girl :D
you will do just fine
shall be waiting to see how you got on!
The biggest thing is to relax and be yourself. Have some examples of scenarios ready in your head, so that if they ask you to tell them about a time you resolved a problem, etc, you have some examples already to hand.

I work in a college at the moment, and have found that they're always keen to recruit people who know people who already work there. In my interview I think I said I enjoyed the atmosphere that was generated in a college, as whilst it was still highly professional, the nature of the staff and students allowed you more interactive meetings or something like that!

Good luck!
Well done in getting an interview that's an acheivement in itself.

I always go into the interview with a list of questions I'd like to ask. Usually I'll google 'questions to ask at interviews' & just adapt them to fit what I'm applying for. I make notes throughout the interview. I'm thinking this will be a panel interview so make sure you address the panel with your answers.

Read your CV beforehand & be prepared to answer questions about it.

Don't let nerves get the better of you. They obviously think you have something as they wouldn't of asked you for an interview. Be confident in your answers, say if you dont understand one, or if you want more time to think about an answer ask them to repeat the question;)

BTW you don't live to far away from me I live in Higher Walton which is just outside Preston.

GOOD LUCK & don't forget to let us know how you get on.


Determined to do this
Thanks for your help and advice. The college have just phoned to tell me I got the job!! Yay, I'm sooooo happy. Just gotta give my notice in tomorrow now.........
JimJam87 congrats. on new job. just a bit of advice, wait for the offical letter from college stating you have accepted the job, before handing resignation into current employer. i am sure that everything is above board.

i was once verbally offered a job, which i wanted badly. resigned from current position. the manager who didn't interview me wanted to see me, after meeting this manager the offer was rescinded. went back to current employer, who said no wife was taking over my job. left unemployed. still don't know why the other manager didn't want me /like me.

not to put a damp on your happy time. just a word of caution.

well done again. :p


First of all Gemma, major congratulations.

Secondly, I used to live near Blackburn many moons ago on a Farm at Pickup Bank near Darwen. I feel all nostalic now.

Enjoy your job at Blackburn College.

Congratulations and well done Jim Jam xx


Determined to do this
It's a small world hey Michelle and Sue! Who'd have thought there'd be 3 people on here from a similar area in Lancs! :)
I'm dreading giving my notice in but needs must, gotta thinkk of the bigger picture! Thanks for all your support and best wishes, really means a lot! x

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