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joes sausages

I have a delivery due today. The postage was £6.99 so I thought i would order a few things to get my monies worth. I have ordered sausages, burgers and some grillsticks. it is worth visiting his website to have a look as he does a lot of syn free things (he also does none synned products). I will let you know how I get on.


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Yes they are synfree, and yes they are good - I had my first delivery a week or so ago (you need to order 8 packs [STRIKE]to get free delivery[/STRIKE], but they freeze fine) and I ordered sausages and burgers.

I have only tried one of the sausage flavours so far - lovely! - they have planty of flavour, and are easily the best low fat sausages I have ever tried - too smooth to be compared with 'butchers sausages' but still a darn fine subsitute.

maybe you could get together woth a couple of friends and order a few packets each to spread the cost and avoid the delivery charge ?

sorry - error - 8 packs minimum order
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ive had joes sausages, bugers, hot and spicy chicken, chinesse chicken and peppered steak all of them were lovely and tasty. the only flavour sausage i didnt like was the garlic ones they were very strong.

The minimum order is 8 packs and free delivery if you order over £59, which is why I haven't re-ordered lately as that is a lot of food :) and is about £30 for 8 items.


I am going to see if the folks in my class want to do a group order to make it a bit more affordable.

Hi....I'm waiting for my delivery today too!!! YUMMY!!!!! they are lush! they are all syn free apart from the section on the website that says traditional and they are normal items (not syn free) but all of the rest are fine and are really tasty...they are quite pricey so I tend to stock the freezer up for a while to make it worthwhile ordering - or like Steph...see if anyone at class wants to club together to place a big order.....
Im so lucky really..my other half used to work right next door to where they make them!! He still knows the fella and came home with some "freebies" last night..have popped them in the freezer ready for the weekend when I do red day!! Im gonna stock up for BBQ time too:D


loves food and cooking

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thanks girls my daughter does sw as well so might see if she wants to go halfs ,didnt want to order a lot in case they were no good but they sound great so will take your advice and order some will also mention it to the class tonight x


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I did an order recently and they are good - the OH and the boys eat them as well - I just don't tell them that they are 'Mummys specials' or else they wouldn't eat them...
I also ordered some sausage meat to make meatballs at half term...
Highly recommend them
I used the sausagemeat for the chicken cake recipe. I LOVED the peppered pork steaks. Sausages are good too. I go in with other people in my class when I want to do an order.
aaarrrggghhhhh mine have just turned up and I'm on a green day....BAD PLANNING!!!!!! they smell sooooo good I want to eat them now! the dog is suddenly my new best friend! Know what I'm having for brekkie tmw.....sausages, egg and beans....(Extra easy)
Mine have arrived too. They smell lovely and can't wait to eat them. The sausages seem to be full of herbs and spices unlike the low fat ones in the supermarket which look and taste like cardboard!

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