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  1. twowheels

    twowheels Full Member

    I've gone through a few ups and downs with my weight since its peak in Jan 2010 where I'd hit 18st5lb, I'd lost about 3 stone on weight watchers (combined with a *lot* of cycling) pretty rapidly but struggled badly keeping control of my portion sizes and snacking impulses, cooking for yourself can be a curse when you're both disorganised and greedy.

    I've heard some very positive, and frank, testimonials from friends who've used Lipotrim in the past and have decided that its worth a shot. While the weight loss results sound great its the potential to reset and regain control over hunger impulses that attracts me most at this stage.

    Watched the DVD last night and while it looks dated, the content was better than I'd been expecting so I was looking forward to signing up and getting started today, weighed in at 15st6lb and opted for a mix of shakes and the soup.

    I wasn't expecting much at all taste/sensation-wise from the shakes but the Strawberry was actually pretty palatable, not the sort of thing I'd eat normally but certainly nowhere as bad as I'd feared. I did blitz the shake with a hand blender which may have helped.

    I'm quite positive right now, and have stocked up on water (which I've historically had problems getting enough of.. had been a cola addict).

    Fingers crossed !
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  3. Mburke

    Mburke Silver Member

    Welcome John and best of luck once you get use to the water you won't want to drink another coke as I fine they r way to sweet now take it hr by hr for the first week then start looking at if day by day it will get easyier as time move on
  4. Teapot

    Teapot Gold Member

    Welcome John!

    It will be a revelation soon when you go into ketosis and you no longer feel hungry. Sometimes I have to go and count my shakes to make sure I've had 3 in a day :) I love it now that I'm not 'finding' myself in the kitchen looking through the cupboards or the fridge, trying to find something to eat (that I really didn't want or need). One step at a time over the next few days and keep posting and telling us how you're getting on :)
  5. twowheels

    twowheels Full Member

    Thanks for the welcome :)

    Just had the Chicken Soup for the first time.. it was, err, interesting, the Strawberry Shake was definitely better but am going to stick with the chicken for the remaining 3 sachets and see whether its grows on me.

    I was struck just before tea at how time seemed to be dragging on, I couldn't quite believe it was 6 already, wonder if that's due to not spending time snacking/eating/preparing that I would otherwise have been occupied with? Is that common, to have more time to fill?
  6. goose

    goose Silver Member

    woohoo John

    welcome! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

    hands up to you for trying the chicken soup, ive tried it and oh my lord, it was ermmm too dfficult to attempt a second mouthfull!!

    try adding coffee to your choc and vanilla shakes, i add decaff to mine and yummy! alternatively with it being cold, at home, i blend up in a blender annd than heat in a pan and have as a hot drink. i also discovered after 4 months my blnder can actually tolerate boliing water from the kettle so i can make the shakes up hot straight away without haing to heat in pan! doh!!
  7. Teapot

    Teapot Gold Member

    Hehe John

    You need to keep yourself occupied, wandering around the forum or developing a new interest. It's amazing how much time can be taken up with food that you never thought about before. Not much difference here as I still have to feed my other half and 2 boys so I still stick to a normalish routine, but I do spend a fair amount of time on the forum - keeps me sane.

    Find the best of the flavours for you to stay on track for the duration. If you're not liking something, ask the pharmacy if they'll swap it for you. I just have chocolate so it's a no brainer for me. Keep busy and drink water.

    Best wishes

    Kay :)
  8. Nina22

    Nina22 Full Member

    Hi John, never heard anyone say the actually like the chicken soup yet.I never tried it.The 3 months I have been on Lipotrim all I have had is chocolate shakes,and that was fine with me.Chocolate has always been my thing!!Also like you I have been addicted to coke,always diet,I really don't like the taste of water.I have been drinking soda water the whole time ,as I can just about stomach that.Funnily enough I have started refers today and could have diet coke again and I just don't want it?!So be encouraged,your tastes will soon adapt,I even quite enjoyed the chocolate shakes.Good luck on your weight loss.
  9. twowheels

    twowheels Full Member

    I think 'like' is taking it a bit far for the soup :)

    Its just a bit different, I'm probably going to go with only 1 or 2 of them a week to get a break from the sweetness of the shakes.. I've just had my first Vanilla and it was pretty good, dumped the contents of a small cafetiere in about half of it and it was lovely. So many seem to like the chocoloate I'm actually looking forward to that now, only have 3 sachets of it this week so might try to use it as a treat for when I finish the soup (the pharmacy gave me 4).

    Day 1 went pretty smoothly yesterday, and I even managed to get to sleep a bit earlier than usual 1am vs 3am.. Had a slight headache when I woke but I think thats more due to my messed up sleeping patterns over the holidays.

    Not had any real pangs of hunger yet but have found myself daydreaming about junk food, good job I cleared the cupboards before starting :)

    As for the Coke, I used to drink a massive amount, probably 3+ litres a day.. not diet either. I reckoned I'd be getting a double hit with my body adjusting to the lower calorie intake *and* caffeine loss so I've been having the occasional cup of black coffee instead, had 3 smallish cups yesterday which went down well.
  10. twowheels

    twowheels Full Member

    Was starting to feel rather hungry last night and gave the soup another shot, it was more pleasant than the first night, lowered expectations perhaps.. Kept well hydrated and didn't really have any problems, head was fine, energy levels fine etc. Even managed to get a proper early night before midnight.

    This morning tho I did have a definite headache, mild thankfully, and I was feeling a little weak, grabbed some water and tried the Chocolate shake for the first time, god its lovely, I can see why its so popular!! Still have the headache so I guess this is the expected part of week 1, I've yet to get the bad breath tho so I'm not sure if I'm in keto yet, had ordered some Ketostix to find out but it looks like they won't arrive till tuesday now.

    Roll on 6pm when I'm treating myself to more chicken soup... just 2 more sachets to go
  11. twowheels

    twowheels Full Member

    Had the packet out of the cupboard, the kettle boiling and I chickened out (heh) at the last minute and will have the soup another evening. Ended up trying the Strawberry blitzed with ice.. god it was a revelation, absolutely delicious.

    About 350ml water + 6 ice cubes, blitzed in one of the attachments for a Breville handblender (that I never realised would see use). Chocolate shake done this way would be awesome.

    Apart from that bit of excitement the days not gone too badly, headaches went pretty soon after the first meal - I just need to keep on top of the water intake, not been as good so far today.
  12. Daisy1966

    Daisy1966 Gold Member

    You are doing a good job there john :)
  13. twowheels

    twowheels Full Member

    Thanks Daisy !

    I'm hoping I got the worst of it over with last night, got virtually no sleep with a headache and general feeling of restlessness, almost insomnia-like. Was really questioning whether I could keep going if I had more nights like that, was relieved to hear that a friend who's a day ahead of me had exactly the same problem on the night of day 3 but come day 4 they were fine. After getting some water and a shake I started to feel good again, and have been fine all day so far, phew!

    Its back to work tomorrow and I'm going to take one shake, hand blender and large water glass in with me to try to keep the routine going, just hope I can get a good nights sleep tonight, fingers crossed..
  14. goose

    goose Silver Member

    well done!! keep going! just gte through week one. My mum bought me a blender and thought id never use it, since istarted LT its been a permanant attachemnt on my worktop and used SOOO much!!! best gift i've had!! good luck for 2mo xx
  15. twowheels

    twowheels Full Member

    Blender got put to use again, let it go until I couldn't hear the ice rattling around this time and it was absolutely delicious. I'm actually finding the shakes really tasty, not sure thats what the LT people intended :)

    First day back at work yesterday went pretty well, just took all the bits for a shake in with me and a large glass for water, which I think helped a huge amount rather than relying on the small cups at the water cooler. Did feel myself flagging after lunch (I would have my shake at noon) but apart from that fine. Today was much the same bit of a headache after lunch but that cleared.

    The thing I've noticed most is just how clear my head is, cutting out the bulk of the caffeine and all the sugar really gives you a boost - I was aware that sugar/carbs slowed you down, but being without them for a period and seeing what you should be feeling like if you're not eating badly is awesome - another motivation for keeping the diet in chest when I finish LT.

    Nice to see lots of good progress in the other diaries.
  16. Teapot

    Teapot Gold Member

    Well done 2wheels ;)
  17. twowheels

    twowheels Full Member

    Day 7 almost done and dusted, and felt absolutely grand all day. Heading for a weigh-in in the morning and have the dreaded week 1 over. It wasn't half as bad as I had built it up to be, which surprised me.
  18. Auxie

    Auxie Member

    Good luck with your weigh in good sir =)
  19. Lyndseyanne

    Lyndseyanne Member

    Do let us know your weigh in....x
  20. twowheels

    twowheels Full Member

    Weigh-in was less than I'd expected :( Their scales reckoned it was 6lbs, wearing roughly the same clothes. But I'd checked it myself on my fancy wifi scales where I weigh in every morning as I step out of the show out of habit and it reported 9.5lbs.

    So not really bothered at the pharmacy result, I reckon my own is more accurate.

    Heres to more less in Week 2 :)
  21. twowheels

    twowheels Full Member

    11 days in now and feeling great, no noticeable side effects and have reached the point where I've got tons of energy. My body is fully purged of the sugar and caffeine addiction which is awesome, clear head, great sleep at night etc.

    Looking forward to my weigh-in on Thursday :)

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