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Join tonight or wait till I move?


Woman on a mission!
good aftenoon mini mins!

Quick q that I would appreciate your opinions on.

I am moving home mid sept, and was planning to join a group near my new house in Newport Pagnell.
However, I am now debating joining tonight and getting started. The only thing stopping me is the fact i ahev a few socials in the diary between now and the move that may prevent me from losing.
However - I realise that this is a long term life plan, and social events will happen and I will have to deal with them.
Just wanted to see what people thought I should do if you were me?
I would join tonight, and then ba at group next Mon 23rd, mon 30th (if its on a BH mon?) and then Mon 7th. after that i have 2 weeks off for moving, so would resume 21st Sept (as new group is Tuesday).

any thoughts or advice appreciated
Natty x
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I say join! Life will always get in the way so take the plunge and take the opportunity to get your head around the plan and fill your new kitchen cupboards with lots of lush food!

Don't lose your book when you move!!

Good luck.


you lookin' at me?
I'd join now personally. I have so often thought, oh I'll join after so and so, or once xxx is out of the way and quite frankly the procrastination just went on and on. I literally decided two Sundays ago that I simply could not put it off any longer, got online saw there was a club near me 9.30 the following morning and finally did it!
Go on, go for it!


Full Member
Well... speaking as someone who put off joining for over 18 months (and this was when I had a group that was just 5 mins round the corner from where I used to live) I would say bite the bullet and join now and sort out switching to another group when you have moved. I wish I'd started last year - I'd probably be at target by now if I hadn't kept putting it off! You can work around your nights out when you've started :D
P.S. I WI on Mondays and our sessions still run on the bank holiday.


Woman on a mission!
thanks for your advice. I think as i was typing that i had made up my mind and will go.
Dumpylump, I was going to join Mike's other group in NP, as I am moving to Emberton and Wolverton is quite far - but perhaps now I will give it a go?
CazBurt - up for it then?!


Woman on a mission!
i went!! i nearly didnt, but I have re-joined and feel invigorated!! lol!

My class is closed for 2 weeks though now as the C is on hols and it will be hard for me to get to another group - but am really hoping for a great first 3 week loss!!

will keep you posted x
Well done nattymo!
I'm very surprised that the class is closed, the consultant really should find cover when they are on holiday - in over 3 years I've never ever known a class be closed as a consultant is on holiday.

Anyway, have a great first week and well done for joining.
I joined too!

My leader is lovely and bubbly, and what's more I randomly bumped into an old mate and his girlfriend who also attend the class so I have ready made buddies too! Should make it even more of an incentive to keep going to classes.

There were some really inspiring people there too. One girl has lost 5 stone since the start of the year and looks AMAZING!

So pleased I went :D


Woman on a mission!
yes, i have to say that i found the class being closed odd, the C said she had cover arranged and then last min they couldnt do it.
I have found a class near work on Monday that i might be able to go to for the 2 weeks, means finishing early - and i cant see my boss going for that but we shall see.

well done cazburt - handy you knew some people there!

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