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Hi paul, well done with taking the first step, are you following a diet like weight watchers, slimming world etc...or are you just planning on cutting out the junk?


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S: 16st11lb C: 15st11lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 39.1 Loss: 1st0lb(5.96%)
hi paul, thats a good suggestion from irene, if we wrote down everything that passed our lips during the day, we'd be surprised!
substituting diet soda for regular soda (if you drink that), will make a difference. Increase your water intake too, i can't stress how important water is xx good luck x


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yeah def do a food diary , you can do it on here if you want everyone will help with suggestions for substitutes and good luck you, will be amazed with at what you can acheive with a bit of support from fellow dieters


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If you become vegetarion now, as healthy as it might be, it may be a bit too restrictive with the other cutting down as well. You really need to make a rule first that you will not buy junk food. Just dont buy it then you cant eat it. I would try that for a week, try to include some fruit to eat to stop you wanting to snack on the bad stuff and try to cut out fatty food. i think you will get a result in a week if you do that, then work out how to start cutting out meat if thats the way you really want to go. At your age it may be better to start making some healthy choices first before you go headlong into a full blown diet. You might find that you only need to make few changes in order to get some results to get you started.


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Hi Paul and welcome, Maybe if you start substituting high fat foods for low fat that would be a good start. Have a look at some of the diets on here and you might find something that fits in with your lifestyle.
Best of luck x