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Joining a Class


needs more willpower!
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My mum and me are thinking of joining our local SW class on Monday. I've been doing SW for a while now on my own but i just don't have any willpower. I keep letting myself down and bingeing. My mum used to go to class last year and wants to start up again too. I know i could go on the website but i value everyones advice on here so i have a few questions:

- Do u have to be a certain weight to join? Sounds a bit silly but just wanted to know. I only have about a stone to lose (i'm currently 10st) so its not a huge amount.
- How much would it cost for the first class and each one after?

Finally, is there anything else important i should know about? All your help and advice will be greatly appreciate x
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Pulled this from the Slimming World website:

Join Slimming World before
10th October and get
That’s only £5 to join and £4.50
weekly – a total of just £9.50 to
pay on your first night!
After that, introduce a new member and get a WEEK FREE!
Or buy a 6- or 12-week
Countdown course and pay
just £3.75* per week!
(*weekly equivalent)
And re whether you have to weigh a certain amount:
Q: Do I have to be a certain weight to join?
A: We are not in the business of telling people to lose weight. If we were, we'd be extremely unpopular! If you decide you want to lose weight, and choose the Food Optimising route, then we're with you all the way. Likewise, your target weight is set by you, and no-one else. What we're here to do is motivate and encourage you, bring you success stories to inspire you and recipes to keep your menus vibrant and appealing. However, if you have too little weight to lose we are unable to offer you membership. For your safety Slimming World has lowest acceptable weights that we will accept as a personal target. Your Consultant will be happy to explain more about Personal Achievement Targets and lowest acceptable target weights in the group.
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The lowest acceptable weights are to do with if you're already within the 'healthy' weight range for your height. If you're at the top of the weight range your goal can't be lower than the lowest 'healthy' weight for your height.

Hope that made sense, I've been doing uni work all day and my brain has gone on strike, and doesn't seem to be functioning.


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Yes you can.
As long as the stone won't take you to below the minimal acceptable weight, and that is very low.
Someone can correct me here, but I think the minimum you have to lose is 7 pounds.
I know when I first targeted at 10 stone I decided after a few months to re target and I was told I have to lose a minimum of 7 pounds if I wanted to do that. I did, so it worked for me. I am not sure if that is the ruling or what the particular constant did.


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Oh Jess! I wish I had joined only a stone with to lose! What a wonderful amount to lose! Join a class and you will be able to lose all your weight in a few weeks. Don't let it accumulate until you have lots to get rid of like us! Judi xx


needs more willpower!
S: 10st5lb C: 10st1lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st4lb(2.76%)
Sorry to be a pain but i just worked out my bmi if i got down to 9st and it would be 20.33 which is still in the healthy average range. That would mean it would be ok for me to join a SW class? Sorry to pester and be thick, i just dont want to go to the class and be told i cant join x


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I think it would be fine for you to join, like the others have said rule of thumb is that you have atleast 7lbs to lose and that you don't set your goal weight to anything unhealthy, so if you wanted to be 6st for example, SW would be unable to offer you membership as it would seem as if they are promoting you to be unhealthy and in potential 'danger'.

Hope that helps :)

Natt xxx

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