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Joining Slimming World

Welcome and good luck on your journey. The average weight loss is 1 or 2 pounds a week. It's definatly not a quick fix its a life long healthy eating plan. Look in the receipe section and try lots of different receipes. How much do you want to lose? Ate you going to class?
i want to lose quite a bit.. i know its not going to happen overnight but i really need to do something and stick to it lol!.. i want to lose in total about 6-7 stone... and yeah, going to classes :)
I started in the middle of Feb and wanted to lose about 7 stone. 3 down 4 to go. I have been on a few long holidays in that time and was off plan for 4 weeks while I married. It's definatley the best "diet" I have ever done and the longest I have stuck to one. There is lord if support on here. Let us know how you get on on your first week.
I will do, i have heard a few people at work talk about it. As i said i tried weight watchers and that want for me, felt lik i was starving myself counting points and all that...


Really likes to cook
Started in April this year and I have lost 5st+ so far, best week 5lbs.....worst week 0.5lb! Just follow the plan and it will work.
I love SW and I have tried every other diet under the sun!! The reason I love it is because to me it isnt a DIET! I eat well very day and feel so much better for it. Its a great plan and I will eat like this forever.
I love slimming world, i've tried weight watchers, lipotrim all sorts of things and although i lost weight it wasnt feasable to stick to and I put it all back on and more.

I've lost 2 stone 6lbs in slimming world, My journey is a little different. I joined at the end of august 2010 and had lost 2 stone 6lbs by february 14th 2011. However my dad passed away on february the 12th and It was a big shock and diet went out of the window. I continued going to get weighed in but didnt stay to group as I couldnt bare to stay and pretend to be happy. Over 6 months I put 2 stone back on :( however 10 weeks ago I made the decision to buck up my ideas and start doing it properly and I have lost that 2 stone I put on over 6 months in 10 weeks :D.

This week I got a hat trick in my group - I won Miss Slinky 2011, I also lost 3 and a half pounds and won slimmer of the week and I won the raffle! I came home so elated and happy and proud!

I never feel hungry on slimming world, you have so much choice and you arent restricted - if you want something have it just count it in your syns! I Love Love LOVE slimming world :D its changed my life!

p.s - I have 9 stone to lost in total - 6 stone 8 1/2 lbs to go!

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