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Joining the team

Hi Everybody

I have just joined the lipotrim today...;) I was just on google to find some help about other people doing the lipotrim as I find very difficult to start- and keep this diet just by myself. So I have found you, people. I have been on lipotrim already for 3 weeks this year and lost 1.1 stone and as Valentine came we went out to eat...and never continued the lipotrim again. Since then I keep the waight of 13.22 stone, which is 2 stone more than I would like to be. I know I am 'just' overveight, my BMI index is 27.5 but it is still a lot for me...I used to be 10.20 stone, and all this weight what I have gained is that I have completely changed my lifestyle moving to Ireland. I am originaly from Hungary by the way, and worked in night shifts in a factory for years, now I have a job -as a receptionist-an sitting all day..
I am looking forward to see my results week by week. I hope I can get rid of theese 2 stones before the summer. I will do my best..

With regards
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I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya Aniko and welcome to the forum!!

Good luck restarting!! this site is brilliant! If you feel a weak moment, log on straight away.. Always some one to give you an ear bashing to stop you :) xx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Hey aniko and welcome to LT and the forum :)

good luck with your journey - this forum is great so like chells said log on whenever you have a weak/high moment and share it :D x
Heya (waves)

Welcome to the mad house lol where only water and shakes are allowed :D

You will do great were all here in the same boat.
Hi and welcome hun. This forum is really the best for support, advice or even if you just want a wee moan.

Good luck on your lipotrim journey.
You'll sound be just as obsessed as us on minimins ..really is good though

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Hiya, as others have said, log on here whenever you need support, you'll definately get it here!!


maintaining since June'09
Hi there and welcome!

You'll have no problem losing that weight before the summer (provided you're 100% of course ;)) I look forward to seeing how you get on! x
Chelly Welly your such a inspiration to me, youve started around the same weight i have and its just amazing how well youve done! :eek:

Just thought id leave you the post to let you know, Hopefully one day i will be the same :p x
Hi there and welcome.

Everyone here is supportive and welcoming.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Take care.
Good luck with your LT, this site is great for looking through old posts too and getting lots of tips and motivation x
Hello & welcome

Hello and welcome, I hope you enjoy the journey.


Silver Member
Welcome Szani :) you mentioned you wanted to lose 2 stone before the summer, I think thats perfectly feasible! Especially if you're doing it on Lipotrim, ESPECIALLY if you're starting now :)


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome. Stick to this diet 100% and it works wonders. Everyone is here for you to support or help however we can.

Good luck and I look forward to reading of your losses!

i jus fully started today 2. the chicken soup is just discusting. yueck. goin to switch it:cry:

any tips on getting them to taste nicer?...

are the flap jacks nice??....
and if it helps, too keep me motivated iv found a pic of me when i was skinny and wen i think breaking out i glance at the old skinny me and think comee on!!! u can do this......:wave_cry:

n thanks for the welcome nickita10!!


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Hey serial how'd your first day go? I'm on my 4th week now, so if you want any advice on what to expect and how to deal with it I think I can help you or at least I can try :)

I too have gone off the chicken soup, and vanilla shakes... so now I'm just drinking the strawberry and chocolate ones :) and I also have some flapjacks, they're really hard to eat imo... because they taste awful, but they're a bit more convenient than the shakes ^^.

What I do to keep myself motivated, is look at a picture of me BEFORE I started the diet, with my big belly and my man boobs ;D haha, and it just makes me think "oh em gee... I don't wanna look like that anymore!" and it's worked for 4 weeks, so theres no reason why I can't keep it going for another 12 ^^

Best of luck people!

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