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Jojo's lipotrim rants!

Ho deezer :) Ahh I dunno how I feel today , pretty depressed bit not because of LT

Just feeling down since I gave up smoking three weeks ago. I don't know if it is a side affect or what is going on but I keep crying for no reason ;( at this stage I'd rather just keep smoking rather than deal with this.

I don't want to fail on LT , so if it comes to it where I have to either eat or smoke.. I will smoke.

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Wow!! Hats off to you for doing both at the same time!!! X
Oh I would rather not bit I only decided the day before yesterday to sign up for LT so I had already stopped smoking.

It's so hard , it's totally messed up my system , hormones are crazy and I binged so much. I'd rather be a smoker!

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I keep going to the kitchen opening the presses and walking away, it's only day one! It's not that I am hungry I just can't sleep and the thoughts of lying awake here all night on the 1st day without food is swaying me! Here's to a second cup of black tea ;( blurrrgh

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Last night was a struggle , I didn't sleep until after 3am on day one!! It sucked!

Day 2 :
Ummm today I woke up sobbing crying again today , it has to be the quitting smoking I am like a mess the last 3 weeks , so I took my finger out and rearranged my bedroom , cleaned , made a few calls and studied. Then went for a 30 minute walk with my puppie boy Alfie :) dragged me around as usual. The walk was approx 2 miles.
It's 11.27pm now and I just made a cup if black tea , stood on the kitchen telling myself "if you just ate healthy and went to the gym you wouldnt have to not have that lovely Brown soda bread mam bought today" talk about trying to talk myself out of things!!! I know well if I touched the bread it would be gone!!
So instead u walked away and went upstairs and found my swimsuit and order a pair of shorts online I can wear in the pool and I am gonna plop myself in there to do some exercise later in the week :)

Roll on day 3 :)

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Hi Jojobear,

My name's Missy. And I've just turned 27 today. Im also on the Lipotrim diet =D Today's my third day and I'm still feeling the hunger pains in the morning but I know once I have my first shake, I'll be ok.
Today I'm gonna keep myself extra busy and try not to forget that I can't have that piece of birthday cake. hahaha

In any case. You're doing very well and it's true. You don't need that soda bread. You came on this diet for a reason. To drop that weight. And the sacrifices and hard work at the gym would have all been for nothing if you just threw it all away for the one reason you came on it in the first place.
So chin up! Keep focused and remember why you're doing this. Best of luck for day 3! ^L^


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Have you done the diet before???

It will pass!!!!! : ) xxx


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:553:Happy birthday Miami :553::)
Hi peeps!!
5am I managed to sleep , puppie had me up at 9am :( had a black coffee and went for a 3 mile walk.

Came home and had a shower a d went out to do a few things. Got home about 3pm. Tired now so I am I sleep tonight

Yes I did LT five/6 years ago and lost 4st and it changed my life. Kept it off quite easily until 2010 when I had an accident and lost my job within 3 weeks a d have been suffering from depression and anxiety since , but I wanna go back to work confident and look like I did before so that's why I am here again.

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Thanks UKlady! Thanks Cherrygem! You guys are doing, aaaammmazingly well I must say. Oh! And yes. I had a wonderful birthday regardless of sticking to the diet. That's right. I had lipotrim for my birthday. I regret nothing lol So far I've lost 9lbs in 3 days. This evening I'm gonna go jogging/walking even though it's raining. Just witnessing how fast the weight in just a few days has really urged me on. I passed by sooo many of my favorite food stores yesterday. Haagen Daz, Nandos, Pizza Hut, Eat., Pret A Manger...etc. Not once did I cave in or felt the need to cave in. I was able to look at them and not feel like I was missing out because I had so many years of it in my life. Not every single day, but often enough.
It's Day 4, my tummy didn't rumble not did my throat make that fizzy sound :D So all in all a great start to the day. I think I might just get through the rest of the week and then I'll weigh myself again on Monday just to see how much I've lost in total.

Keep strong and keep positive ladies!
S: 16st6lb C: 14st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 1st13lb(11.74%)
Ohhhh noo! What happened?
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Hey Miami Brown, I'm on my Day 4 today, first time ever doing LT. Well done on the 9lb, don't think I've done that well, despite excerising everyday (Wii Zumba and walking an hour everynight). Have had no side effects which is great. Can't wait til Monday for my weigh in. You must be doing some amount of excercise???
I was asleep and woke up all in a daze and went and had an apple , then two slices of brown bread and butter ;( so annoyed at myself. Was like I was on autopilot or something

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