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Jonathan Ross


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Janey I normally watch JR but I had an early night last night and so I missed him

Who were his guests?

I know his shows are quite near the mark anyway sometimes, but he is funny, I really do like him


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Janey, I was howling laughing at it....I'd gone up to bed to watch in and OH wondered what was wrong, so he came up and ended up watching it too :D

It was Andrew LLoyd Webber AKA Elephant D**k :eek:
John 'Any hole will do' Barrowman :ignore:
Janice 'Crazy woman' :whistle: Dickinson

and Eddie Izzard....

I love the JR show :)

Kitty xxx


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I know JR's show is always near the mark but last night's show was insane! I was crying with laughter! John Barrowman was an ideal guest with such hilarity, he really knew how to go along with the madness and ALW I think really had fun too. Janice OMG is crazy but I think JR really enjoyed himself. I must check out when it is repeated ....... :D


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i had my mouth open in shock, seriously she is nuts, when he said any hole will do and she was trying to get through the doors back onto the set and jr was holding them shut
:p the funny thing for me was andrew lw looked like he was gonna pee his pants the scaredy little mouseling!!!
and then he said'we were talking about rabbits' and she said 'oh ok' and walked back off
nat x
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Don't you thinks Janice drunk or high!! When she's watches that back she will be cringing. Or maybe she did it to attract that double-edged sword - the media dogs
Oh looking forward to watching it now, I Sky+d it last night as I was out. Love John Barrowman anyway, he's so gorgeous *sigh* :p


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I've liked John Barrowman for years and loved watching him in the musicals, but I never thought he was sexy until last night. Oh my!!! :D

Oh looking forward to watching it now, I Sky+d it last night as I was out. Love John Barrowman anyway, he's so gorgeous *sigh* :p


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:hide: I saw it:eek: :sign0007: :party0016: :rotflmao: :ignore: :whistle: :giggle: :party0048:

I think it is one of those that will never be forgotten and that it is destined to go down in history ...:sign0137: :eek:
OMG off to set sky plus - I adore JB and met him in January swoooooooon I got a speeding fine for him!


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It's a totally outrageous show, I hope you all enjoy. And funnily enough the most outrageous one of them all Eddie Izzard ended up the one looking very bemused and out of place!!! :eek: :D :D
I usually watch JR on a Friday nite but missed it, hadn't seen this thread before I caught tonights repeat, cuz I love the JR show, but OMFG, Janice had gotten to be on some substance because she only kept her clothes on, for fact of editing etc...:eek: :eek: Hiliarious, beats Tara Palmer Tom..(sp?) on that show a few years ago when she was High....:eek:

Did anyone else see a resemblance between poor Andrew Lloyd Webber and The Grinch, cuz OMG in the middle of the madness, I suddenly saw the resemblance...One person who completely enjoyed the hilarity was John Barrowman, OMG for a gay man, he sure is gorgeous, and not even openly gay at all, only for the fact that he's openly proud of his sexuallity, we'd never know....I for one, wouldn't throw him out for eating crisps..LMFAO...;) :D


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watched it last night and i was howling with laughter, OMG soooo funny, think ill have to watch next week too as i dont normally watch :D

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