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Hiya,Im new here so I thought I would start a food diary and see how I get on, any tips welcome!!I have written down everything since Monday so I will just write it all now!daily allowance 22Monday:B: oats so simple, skimmed milk :3 pointsM.snack: banana, mullerlight 4 1/2L: 1/2 tub lowfat hoummous, carrot and cucumber sticks, two oatcakes ,apple 4 1/2A.Snack: slimasoup,quavers 2 1/2D: small portion king prawn and chicken stirfry made with noodles and free veg, well I say stirfry I actually follwed the recipe for the chicken noodle soup in the streeettch your points bit of the starter pack but added veg and prawns, so it was all boiled really. sugarfree jelly 3 1/2E.snack skinnny cow triple choc bar 22 litres water, 1 green teatotal:19 1/2 out of 22Tuesday:B: special k skimmed milk 2 1/2M.snack 2 ryvita, laughing cow light triangle 1 1/2Lunch: shapers tuna sandwich, apple, 2 satsumas, walkers lights, 6 1/2A.snack, banana. 1 1/2D: medium sirloin steak done on george foreman, roasted balsamic tomatoes and shallots, grilled mushrooms and corn on the cob. sugar free jelly, 6 2 litres water, 1 black coffeetotal 18/22Wednesday:B: branflakes skimmed milk 3M.Snack: banana 1 1/2L: medium jacket potato, small tin tuna, peppers, spring onion, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, 1tbs extra light mayo. 2 satsumas.6 1/2 A.snack: walkers lights: 2D: Well our friend was out after work celebrating his birthday so we went there and instead of dinner I had 7 gin and slimline tonics!! oops! so, 7E.snack: (very late evening snack) 2 ww bread, 2 wafer thin ham. 2 1/2 23 1/2 out of 22. Oh dear. Thursday: HANGOVER....B: I was ravenous with hang over so for Damage control I went to Tescos light sandwich range on the way into work and found myself eating a ham salad sandwich at 8am... very strange looks from collaegues..oh dearie me. 4ptsM.snack: walkers lights, 2L: Heinz tomato soup full tin, guessing at 4pts?A.snack muller light, banana, 3pts WEIGH IN @6.30 LOST 2 POUNDS! D: chinese takeaway, hot and sour soup 3sui mais 6few prawn crackers 3 ww caramel bar 1 1/2about 3 litres of water, 3 black coffees, 2 diet cokes. (dehydrated) 23 1/2 out of 22. must do better. Friday.B: As is tradition on friday we get an order in from local butty shop! 2 brown toast with 2 grilled bacon and steamed mushrooms, no sauce. (big difference from my old order of sausage, black pudding and bacon on white barm with butter and brown sauce!!) 4L: pret a manger sushi 5. 2 plums, 1 satsuma. 1 1/2A snack: new muller light flavour vanilla with choc sprinkles and layer of black cherry... mmmm. 2(guessing)D: plan is smoked haddock baked in oven, steamed new potatoes, asparagus and mange tout with a wedge of lemon. Which will be a saintly 3 points. However there is now talk of after work drinkies when me and the OH tend to forget to go home so if that happens dinner will go out of window and I will waste points on wine.. will update on Monday and let you know!! (we work together as well as live together, it must be love!!) Anyway, thanks for reading.
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Ah no, when I wrote this is was all in list form and had all gaps on it, now it appears to be a big load of gobbledegook!! No wonder no-ones read it!! Does anyone know how to format properly like a proper list?? Help please!!!!!thankyou!! xx
Right I am going to try again with todays and yesterdays food with bigger gaps to try and format it properly!Monday Breakfast....... ww bacon on ww bread --- 2pointsMorning snack...... walkers lights, a plum --- 2 and a half pointsLunch........ jacket potato half tin tuna, salad, tbs extra light mayo --- 5 pointsAfternoon Snack........ muller light, banana--- 3 points Dinner.......... Fillet of smoked haddock, 3 baby potatoes, asparagus, mange tout, spinach, half spoon of light flora on veg with fresh rosemary. ---------- 4 pointsEvening snack.......... skinny cow triple choc bar ----------- 2 pointsTOTAL------------ 18 AND A HALF POINTS. 3 and a half saved.TUESDAY.breakfast.... Oats so simple sachet with 1/4 pint skimmed milk------ 3 pointsMorning snack......... 2 plums, banana, tangerine----------- 2 and a half pointsLunch.......... weight watchers sweet and sour chicken with rice chilled meal ----- 5 pointsAfternoon snack........ walkers lights and weight watchers toffee yoghurt----- 3 pointsDinner........ homemade spicy lamb escalope with spicy cous cous, roasted balsamic tomatoes, chargrilled spring onions, peppers and fry light mushrooms. ----- 5 pointsEvening snack......... tunnocks tea cake---------- 2 points. TOTAL 20 AND A HALF POINTS. ONE AND A HALF SAVED.
was at the hospital yesterday so nerves dictated i didnt each much in morning or afternoon then ate crap in the evning. :O( breakfast nothinglunch oats so simpleDinner chinese takeaway, hot and sour soup, steamed pork dumplings and prawn crackers. Followed by 2 milky ways. oh dear. still within points Im guessing at about 15 for chinese, 3 for milky ways and 3 for oats so simple. So 21.Today is weigh in day. havent took anything out of freezer for the dinner stupidly but breakfast. 2 ryvita with light cheese triangle 1 and a half points morning snack apple, satsuma 1 1/2 points Lunch spaghetti on toast with half tin ww spaghetti and 2 pieces ww bread. 2 1/2 points ww vanilla yogurt 1 pointso thats 6 1/2 used which leaves 15.5 for dinner after weigh in. oohh I can hear the chinese calling me again, esp as the OH is out playing footy tonight!!
I havent updated for 2 weeks as I have been off work very sick!! I may have to have my gallbladder taken out. :O( Anyway todays foodBreakfast ******* oats so simple skimmed milk 3 1/2 points --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lunch********** heinz chicken and barley broth 1 1/2 points ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dinner ************ weight watchers chicken curry - 4 points----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Snacks*************** muller lite 1 1/2points 2 ryvita with 2 cheese triangle 3 points banana 1 1/2 points tangerine 1/2 point apple 1/2 point TOTAL FOR DAY 16 POINTS

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