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Josie bb10 - lost 3 stone really?!!


Addicted to Cheese
WOW her 'before' is how much I weigh now!

I can see the difference in her tum and her face - well done josie! x


Addicted to Cheese
Im not saying i cant see a difference, and i do love josie but to me the difference looks like shes just toned up a bit more. Not 3 stone... I have well over 3 stone to loose and hope its more noticable! Dont know where they got those numbers from anyway...
I have to agree, Im afraid.
Doesn't look like 3 stone lost to me
I love Josie though!:)
I also didn't think she weighed that much to start with as she was a 16/18 ?? Same size as me but 3 stone heavier??
Think she is taller than me though


Addicted to Cheese
To me she looks about my height, im 5'7, and im 16/18 at 15 stone, so i do think her starting weight is a little high, but shes not lost 3 stone! Grrr its worse lying about it than the photoshopping lol then again it is the mags/press who are saying it not her :p
Yeah i agree with you! Definitely toned up more.....Not sure what a 3 stone loss would look like on her tbh!! I was shocked she was a stone and a half heavier than me when she was in BB!! I thought I was bigger!
I'm sure I read before she was around my height, and we're a pretty similar body shape, and I can tell you now (based on her size, appearance and clothes she wore in BB) that she was about an 18 before, and I just don't believe she was that heavy to start with, as I am near enough her 'start' weight, and I certainly don't look anything like her before pics!

She's lost weight, and looks great, I just think they've skewed their stats to make it all sound more impressive. It always annoys me as it's so misleading!

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