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  1. LeeMags

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    Hi all, I've just finished my first week of Lipotrim so think its time that I started a diary to record my journey.

    I was always a slim size 10/12 until about 8 years ago. I stopped dance classes and as a result, over the next few years my weight gradually crept up until I hit around 12st 7lbs. I got married in 2011 and managed to lose a stone for that, but then stuffed my face on my honeymoon and over the following months. It wasn't long before my weight started escalating again. I tried diet after diet but never stuck to them and always stuffed my face when I gave up and ended up heavier than I was when starting the diet!!

    In 2012 my weight hit a peak of 13st 11lbs :eek:. My husband and I were having trouble conceiving and I was told that my weight could be the problem. So back on the diet it was, and surprisingly I fell pregnant soon after. My weight peaked at 14st 7lbs when pregnant, but thankfully I lost 13lbs after giving birth. And 9 1/2 months later at 13st 8lbs I have decided to give Lipotrim a go...

    And that brings me to my reasons for doing Lipotrim:

    1: My daughter will be one in April. I want to be able to bring her to the park or the swimming pool without being ashamed and self-conscious.
    2: Although my husband loves me no matter what shape or size I am, I want to get back to the size I was when we met so he can be proud of his "arm candy" lol
    3: We have a big family wedding to attend in July and I would love to be the new (old) me by then so I can show off my new figure in a gorgeous dress :fingerscrossed:
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  3. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Week 1

    Days 1-3 I found surprisingly easy. Couldn't stomach the chicken soup but I think the strawberry and chocolate shakes are delicious.

    Day 4 was hard as it was my first day at home doing the diet. I'm normally in the fridge/cupboards every 5 mins so it took a lot of will power to get through the day.

    Day 5 I think I reached ketosis as I felt great - easy day.

    Day 6 I got weighed and was -6lbs. Although I was really pleased, tonight was really hard as it was a Sat night and we would normally have a takeaway. Glad I got through it without cheating.

    Day 7 I was feeling good again, glad to get the first week over :)
  4. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Day 8 - my home scales are saying 12st 13lbs :) it's a long time since my weight has began with a 12 lol, although this is in light clothes with no shoes on, pharmacy scales will probably be different. But although I know I'm losing weight I still don't feel any different. I can't wait until I can see and feel the difference.

    Also, I've been reading a few comments about people "cheating" by eating a zero carb meal instead of a shake or two, as this will only affect calorie intake and you will still remain in ketosis. I'm contemplating whether to do this on a Sat night if I'm finding it very difficult - any suggestions anyone?
  5. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Day 9 - my scales are my new best friend :). I know we're not supposed to weigh ourselves everyday but I actually get excited stepping on the scales now to see that little bit extra coming off. It's great motivation.

    Today was a pretty normal day. Looking forward to my next weigh-in on Saturday and comparing my pics from last week to see if I can see any difference. Can't notice any myself yet but I hope once I get the first stone off then i'll see some big differences.
  6. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Day 10 - My colleagues at work had a party today followed by lunch from the chip shop to celebrate someone's birthday, but I wasn't tempted at all and was content with my bottle of water. This time 2 weeks ago you wouldn't have to ask me twice about getting something so I was very proud of myself. And when everyone was finished and feeling sluggish for the rest of the afternoon, I felt great!

    My scales haven't changed in the last 2 days. I'm getting worried that I may have only lost 2lbs this week even though I've stuck to TFR 100%. Hopefully i'll see a drop by weigh-in on Saturday.
  7. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Day 11 - ok so my scales are saying 12st 12oz today and that's fully clothed ;). So fingers crossed I've lost at least 4lbs this week. I'm so happy to be back in the 12's again. It doesn't make my goal of 10st seem as daunting. 2 days until weigh-in so might even have a bit more off by then. Have decided that I am going to have something to eat for our valentines meal on sat but I'm going to have something with zero or very low carb content so I remain in ketosis. My husband wanted to bring me out for dinner but have decided to make a nice meal at home instead so I know everything I am eating. Hopefully it won't affect next weeks weight loss too much as i'll be back to 100% on Sunday. Can't believe I've been on this nearly 2 weeks, and also how easy I've found it. Just wish I had of known about this diet years ago!!
  8. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Day 12 - not a very exciting day today, looking forward to weigh-in tomorrow and celebrating Valentines' Day tomorrow night.
  9. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Day 13 - WEIGH DAY - so just back from getting weighed and I've lost another 5lbs this week :):). Only 3 more to go and that'll be the first stone off.
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  10. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Day 14 - so unfortunately my weekend didn't go quite to plan. I had a low carb meal last night to celebrate valentines day. I think that I was looking forward to having something to eat so much that I'd built up my expectations too high. I just didn't enjoy my meal at all and because I was so down about this I ended up having a few snacks afterwards as well. And to top it all of I ate again today as well!!!

    Ah well, the way I see it I still have 5 months to lose 3 stone. I think this is more than do-able so I shouldn't beat myself up if a have a slip up every now and again. Even so I'm going to try and go 100% for the next 6 weeks. I was going so well and I think that having a meal on Sat just put me in the way of temptation. I'm better of staying away from all food so I have no more set-backs. I'm due to go out for a meal on Mother's Day at the end of March so that'll give me 6 weeks of weight-loss with a little treat to look forward to at the end.

    So back on the band-wagon tomorrow, I just hope that I haven't messed up my weight loss for this week too much. I don't want to put any weight back on so if I stay the same this week or lose anything at all i'll be very happy. So much for getting my first stone off this week :(
  11. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Day 15 - back to 100% and today went great. I actually thought it would be like Day 1 again, feeling really hungry all day but it wasn't at all. Going by my home scales I put on 1 1/2 lbs at the weekend so not as bad as I thought. I'm hoping that i'll be able to get that and more off this week. Maybe i'll reach the stone mark after all!! or is that just wishful thinking lol :p
  12. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Day 16 - today was hard, went to visit my parents and they were having roast chicken and stuffing for dinner. It took all my will power to say no to her offer to join them :(. Plus my scales said 12st 13 1/2lbs today. How can I have put on another 1lb since yesterday if I've only had my shakes??? Although I'm proud of myself for turning down dinner, I'm also really annoyed that my weight has gone up. Makes me feel like I'm doing this for nothing and I may as well eat something, at least that could justify the weight gain. BUT, deep down I know its probably stemming from me "cheating" at the weekend! So, I will continue on and hopefully by weigh day on Saturday I will have the weight back off :fingerscrossed:
  13. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Day 17 - Back to 12st 11lbs today so I'm a happy girlie. Not sure if i'll lose another 3lb to reach my 1 stone mark this week but at least I won't have gained any. Hopefully i'll have a stone off for next week instead then. Just finished a load of ironing so I'm off to put my feet up for a while and watch a movie :)
  14. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Day 18 - not feeling it today at all. TOTM and I just want to eat, eat, eat :cry:
  15. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Forgot to write yesterday

    Day 19 - was a pretty normal day although was nervous about weigh in.
  16. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Day 20 - WEIGH DAY - got weighed today and have lost another 4lbs so that's 1st 1lb in total. I'm really happy that I reached the 1 stone mark despite having something to eat last weekend. Only another 2 or 2 1/2 to go :)
  17. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    That's brilliant, well done! :) Keep it up and you'll be at your goal in no time x
  18. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Thanks Abbey, just seen your pics in your diary. You look amazing well done :)
  19. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    Day 21 & 22 - have decided to do maintenance this week for one week as I have a big party to go to on Saturday night for my husbands birthday. I plan on having some food and a few drinks so didn't want to be doing that on an empty stomach. so for one week I'm doing maintenance and then back to 100% next week. I know this may affect my weight loss slightly but I've still 4 and a half months to lose 2 to 2 1/2 stone so think this plenty of time.

    So yesterday and today I have a shake for breakfast, caramel maintenance bar for lunch and a chicken fillet with green veg for dinner. My weight has gone up slightly but I'm not too bothered. I can lose it again next week when I'm back to 100%
  20. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    So I've been quite busy this week and haven't had a chance to get on this. But I'm still going strong on the maintenance programme.

    Just back from getting weighed and have lost another 2lbs this week.

    Going to stay on maintenance next week again as I'm enjoying the caramel bars and actually being able to eat something :)
  21. LeeMags

    LeeMags Member

    So haven't been on this in a while. Stopped Lipotrim for about 2 months and put on around 7lbs. Started back on Lipotrim last Thursday and going by my scales I have lost the 7lbs already. Don't actually get weighed until Saturday so will update my signature and ticker then with the exact weight loss.

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