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  1. Jadeine

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    hi all :)

    last year i did slimming world for a while and got in really well with it, however there were some events that occured that i unfortunetly let ruin all my efforts and i nded putting on around 2 stone :( and consequently i dont feel happy in my body what so ever. so anyhow, its new year and time to move on and get my confidence back! im going to be doing a mix of slimming world and usual healthy eating as ill be having slimming world dinners and other meals/snacks will be fitted into slimming world or if not healthy and low calorie.
    im not setting a target weight, i intend to just keep on with it until i feel happy, although i dont intend to stop 'dieting' as i think of it more as a way of eating :)

    today went really well and has made me very positive about things :)

    belvita breakfast biscuits,
    dried cranberries 30g,
    chicken noodle soup (a slimming world recipe, which is delicious!),
    light choices cranberry crispy slices,
    herbed tagliatelle and extra lean turkey meatballs in a homemade tomato sauce (also a slimming world recipe)
    99cal aero yoghurt.

    thankyou for reading!
    oh and i should probably mention my current/start weight is 12st 7 :(
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  3. Jadeine

    Jadeine Full Member

    today has been really good again, although it was excactly the same as yesterdays intake apart from tea, but that was just because there was left over soup from yesterday!

    belvita breakfast biscuits,
    cranberries (30g),
    chicken noodle soup (sw recipe),
    light choices cranberry crispy slices,
    slow cooked beef stew with mustard mash and cabbage (sw recipe),
    99cal aero yoghurt.

    sorry for the lack of adventurous food!
    on friday im going for a curry with some of the girls from work which im really looking forward to, and im not to stressed about dieting as my weigh in is goin to be friday morning and i usually have a treat on weigh in day anyway as im sure most do!
  4. Jadeine

    Jadeine Full Member


    belvita breakfast biscuits,
    sainsburys sushi pack,
    light choices cranberry crispy slices,
    spaghetti bolognaise (sw recipe).

    I had the worst cramps today so checked up on my totm logger and it turns out I was due yesterday so perhaps won't get such a good weigh in which is a shame because the first weigh in is normally the biggest! But we shall see :) x

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