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Journey to prove people wrong......Here I go!


I am 17st2lb, seriously overweight and desperately need to do something about it....So many people I have spoken to say those good old words..."you just need to eat less and move more"....

That is very good when all said and done but I have an addiction to food im sure of it...and when I think in small goals I always have that one big one at the back of my mind!

Have just ordered my first 4 week pack so hoping it comes on Tuesday so I can start on Wednesday. In the meantime I am going to try and cut carbs out so I can get into ketosis quicker....

Any tips for a desperate girly???

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Sooooo am really hoping my pack comes tomorrow but i reckon it will be Tuesday as I ordered on Saturday.

Am a bit nervous in all honesty...when I think of total abstinence from food it frightens me x
Hello hun and welcome x

Maybe not eating will do you good... you figure out why you eat - habit? craving carbs? boredom? Sadness? true hunger? and you learn a lot about yourself and how to beat your demons.

I have learnt a LOT. I snack constantly when bored, and I have a huge binge (sometimes until I'm sick) if I'm upset etc.. however since first starting exante I recognise these feelings and I can't remember when I last had a binge. I came off exante for over a year and maintained pretty much the whole time because I knew my triggers, knew what got me overweight in the first place and took control of what I was eating.

Good luck xxx
Thanks for that!!!!

Well in a few hours I will be on my way to slimdom!!!!! I have my breakfast shake sat ready and waiting for me for before I go to work. Trying to keep it a secret from people at work cos they will all have their different opinions about it Im sure.

The plan is to use my half hour lunch to go for a walk and eat a bar on the way round. If anyone asks i will say i ate my lunch whilst walking. Not a lie then Haha!

Does anyone else keep it a secret? Xxx
Yup I do, fed up of remarks and other people's opinions. I tell people I'm trying to eat a lot less... So not really a lie lol

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Hiya and welcome huni... good luck with this diet... its not easy but once ya in the keto Zone it gets easier..

every single person on this forum has fallen off the wagon dusted ourselves off and got back on it...

If ya have a blip DO NOT let it get out of control ... just draw a line and start again... some of us can go months without a mishap some of us days/week etc...the trick is to get back on the packs ASAP

Your work mates will probably run a sweep stake on ya if ya tell em what ya doing (how many days ya will last etc) ... people love to say "told ya so" to people doing TFR/VLCD so i dont blame ya for not saying anything...

Anyways good luck with your first week... its not the easiest but it is the start of a new you x x x x
Thank you...well first day done and dusted had two shakes and a bar. Found it really hard keeping it a secret....all of a sudden everybody is concerned about what Im eating for lunch!!! Argh...roll on day two x
Welcome on board hun!!! Good Luck for today.
Well Im now on day four and last night I had family round who i haven't seen for years with their new baby....i cooked a really nice chicken bacon and roast med veg tomato pasta for them but it was really awkward sat not eating so i had some. But i didn't eat pudding and Im straight back to 100% today. Prob another few days for ketosis but Im prepared mentally for that x
Totally 100% today and loads of water....45 mins fat burning in the gym too! Go me!

Tomorrow will be hard as Im at a show rehearsal from 2 till about 8 and they are putting on a tea for everyone :-(
So today has been awful....had so many cravings and have been in the house all day....so bored....

Ate food, not much but enough to feel terribly annoyed at myself.

Why do people do this to themselves....id love to know. I know for a fact how to stick to this plan yet i persist in making mistakes!!!!

Arghhhh x
Hello everyone....

Today has been rather hard as I had my breakfast and went out for the whole day and forgot my lunch pack!!!! To say i panicked was an understatement! Instead i had two boiled eggs and some lean ham slices. Hoping that keeps me in ketosis....my breath is awful at the moment...my husband laughs at me when Im spraying breath fresher into my mouth!

Also finding it really hard to get 2.5 litres water down each day...Im getting 2 just currently.

A huge positive for me today after being out for a couple of hours was coming home to hubby's homemade lasange...well yummy...there was half left in the turrine and I got my self a drink of water and walked away from it. Then scolded his for leaving it out Haha

Does anyone else's hubby/partner leave stuff out without thinking? Im quite lucky really cos Dan is very very supportive on the whole. X
Mine is usually very good and it helps he's a meat eater and I'm a veggie however tonight he decided to open a large bar of white chocolate which had been sat in the fridge! I'm absolutely fine with anything fully wrapped but open white chocolate I have no chance against! Luckily tho I have 'the look' and he ate the whole lot!

Bloody men!
Its crazy isn't it what they can eat and get away with! Im so jealous sometimes. When we have been calorie counting in the past he does loads of hilly cycling so gets loads more than me! Grrrr x
Lol def!!! Mine is 5 years younger so the metabolism is working a lot better than mine!! At his work the did their bmr and he can have 3000 calories a day!! No wonder I piled 2 stone on when we moved in together pah!!

How are you finding the diet?

I've found lots of malic only drinks which has helped loads and I've just made some into ice lollies for tomorrow!

How much have you got to lose?

I'm a bit worried as its going well but I have loads of social stuff booked in which def requires eating but I guess I'll have to deal with that as and when!! X
Im not find it too bad really...there have been three occasions where i have eaten some pure protein to keep me going. I would like to get to 10st 7lbs which is 6.5 stones from my starting weight....a hell of a lot to put it plainly! Im hoping i get paid before the 28th so i can order one of the winter bumper packs while they are cheap x
That's really good! The o/h has booked a weekend away next weekend so I'm thinking of taking the bars and have booked in at zizzi for dinner so I can stick to salad! Mother's Day will b trickier ... 3 courses already paid for eeek!

I started out a couple of years ago 16.7 stone (I'm 5ft2) managed to get down to 10.5 but a trip to Paris, christmas and crappy hormones have seen me back up to 12.11 sob! Weigh in this morning tho and I'm down to 12.3 in a week so chuffed! Target 9.7 this time I will get to it and most importantly stay there!!
Ooh I got the winter pack ... I'm selling the carbonara they are truly horrible! I heard the soups/shakes are better for weight loss so I'm going for porridge/chocolate and vanilla shake next time :D

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