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  1. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    Hi everyone.

    I start JUDDDing tomorrow but have been on a vlcd for the last 4 weeks and have gone from 22.7 to 19.11.

    I went to the doctors recently and she told me I have an intolerance to dairy and meat. I have been waiting for this diagnosis for 2 years. So i have to come off my vlcd and start slowly reducing meat and dairy until my body finds a tolerable level.

    Me and my other half are ready to start trying for a baby again. But I have pcos and anovulatory cycles (i get periods but dont release an egg) After trying for a couple of years i needed a break so i went back on the pill in august. I came off it in november. Still waiting on AF to show her face.

    I need to lose alot of weight (10+ stone) so i have a long journey ahead but im ready.

    Im starting tomorrow on a DD.

    If you notice anything please feel free to comment as im totally new to this!

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  3. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    Mon - DD

    B - 1/2 sachet of SF Jelly - 16cal
    2x coffes with coffeemate light - 42cal

    Total 58cal

    L - homeade french onion soup - 53cal

    D - Pearl barley and butternut squash pilaf - 370 cal

    S - Lettuce and cherry toms - 20cal

    Total - 501

    Exercise 20 mins walking through runtastic - 202 cal burnt
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  4. ladybird777

    ladybird777 Silver Member

    Good luck - my dd is lactose in tolerant and she's size 8 now. :)
  5. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    Aww bless her! The doctor thinks it could be contributing to my weight. Im lucky that i only have to cut back and i quite like soya products. It seems to be dairy in its rawer forms that seems to affect me the most.

  6. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    Thanks lovely.

    Well jc appointment done. And now am no longer unemployed! Yippee! The new enterprise allowance now as our new business will be ready soon. Exciting times!

    Also burnt some cals on the way too and from the jc. Bonus :)
  7. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    1st DD done :)
  8. Jade2012

    Jade2012 Full Member

    well done missus !!
  9. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    Thank you <3
  10. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    My mum (mumsy bear as I like to call her) is intolerant to lactose and gluten and was never heavy as such but always fighting say 10lbs, since she got off it she's thinner than ever and eats like a horse, she eats very naturally and uses soya milk in her tea, but does use some of the gluten free products occasionally.

    Well done on your losses so far, I was on the long road as well and there is light at the end of the tunnel, good luck on the juddd train!
  11. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    Thank you lovely. We will get there!
  12. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    Tuesday -UD

    Brunch: 2 bacon muffins - 750cal

    Lots and lots more eek!

    Cant wait for dd tomorrow!

    Switching it up to 6pm to 6pm on my dd :)
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  13. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    Plan for tomorrows dd

    Breakfast - Fruit tea

    Lunch - Vanilla shake - 135cal

    Dinner - Minced beef stew - 336 cal

    Total 471
  14. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    Looks like a good plan, it's good to be prepared, I'm using my S & S packs on DD's makes life much less stressful!
  15. DeeOne

    DeeOne Full Member

    Hey Judddilicious, welcome & good luck with Juddd, I had 10st+ to lose when I started, now 6 months later i've 5 ish to go. Its good too plan ahead thats what kept me on the straight & narrow when I started :)
  16. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    Ive had such a busy week! Been so poorly too! But im feeling a bit better today and will be starting again tomorrow.
  17. Good luck with the restart!

    I've just read your first post. I have suspected pcos (delayed my last appointment) I know lots of women have improved loads by changing their diet. My cycles were all over the place, but finally after a few months of juddd they're almost back to normal. Fingers crossed it will work for you too x
  18. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    Well AF hasnt decided to show her face since october cheeky mare that she is and the most annoying bit was my cyckes had gotten to a point where they were regular (31 day then 62 then 31 ect) and then i went on the pill and it messed everything up. Hopefully shifting some weight will help me out :)
  19. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    Well im back starting tomorrow!

    Setup my mfp properly but because I use the minimins app I cant put my username up. But its the same as my username on here so please feel free to add me!

    Also setup my runtastic app to my mfp and it will auto sync my exercise! It so clever! Really want some on the scales that sync to mfp too. But at 100 quid they are a bit steep.

    Having trouble sleeping tonight. I napped during the day so I guess it will be an all nighter for me!

    Gonna do a double up ove the weekend (easy start I know ;)) then mon weds and fri dd and tues thurs sat and sun as ud.

    Need to weigh tomorrow to get my true start weight.

    Yay! Feel so good to be getting everything sorted. Just been snowed under with meetings about my 2 new business'.

    But hopefully we should complete around march 14th. Trying to set up 2 business at once is tough! Haha!
  20. Judddilicious

    Judddilicious Member

    First UD done but only had 1346 cal.

    I dont have much high cal stuff in! Its all pretty healthy. Must eat more tomorrow!

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