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Jude's CC Diary

So I've got a new name, a new plan and a new diary. Its been so long since i've been on here i may as well be a newbie so i'll reintroduce myself. I've always had weight issues and since i was about 13 been doing either weightwatchers or slimming world, on slimming world i can lose a stone or 2 but i find it restrictive after a while, so i go onto weightwatchers but i always struggle because i'm used to such massive portion sizes that i always feel deprived.
So now i'm 26 years old and 22 stone, about a stone less then my heaviest ever weight, we want to try for a baby but i don't want to be this size and pregnant so i hope i can lose some weight before we try next year. I struggle with depression and food is my comfort blanket, so i'm in a bit of a vicious circle and even my wedding/ttc hasn't motivated me to stick to a diet, so i just hope i can do it this time.
Myfitnesspal says to have 2190cals to lose 1lb a week and 1690cals to lose 2 lb a week so i'm going to aim between the 2 and see what happens. Ideally i'd like to lose 2 stone before christmas, might be a bit optimistic but i'm going to give it a damn good go.
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Good luck!
Thanks guys,
Day one is going pretty good, had my morning shake and a yogurt for a snack, which for me is pretty good. I was going to start xenical but having spoke to hubby about it, i've decided its prob best just to stick with calorie counting, i'm a fussy eater and will struggle to find a lot of food that is under the specified fat level. So i'm going to stick with Myfitnesspal's calorie limits and see how that goes.
Epic fail alert! :whoopass:
First day was fine until the evening and then i went on a binge of all the stuff i had just bought, the binge continued onto yesterday and then today i've had some chocolate buuuuut its not to late to pull it around for today so i'm going to do my best. What frustrates me the most is that this is probably one of the easiest diets i've ever tried, i can essentially eat what i want, its free and i still can't stick to it. :banghead:
You'll get there :) Just get back on track!
Today has been a pretty good day, i have tracked everything i've eaten and i still have almost 500cals left which i'll prob use tonight on my new obsession - toasted sandwiches! I do them on the george foreman and they are devine, fav at the moment is toasted ham and a smidge of mayo :drool:
I had a very successful food shopping trip, got everything i needed, i did get some curlywurlys but there in the freezer so i can't binge on them even if i wanted to because i'd break my teeth. :talk017: Can you tell that i'm blabbering on :blahblah: trying to distract myself from food? :rotflmao:
Well done Jude, keep up the good work.

I sometimes really struggle but as long as you don't give up completely you will get there eventually :)
Hey we all struggle from time to time. I am currently in binge mode and I have a 3 week goal to hit!! Sometimes we can't help it.

The good thing is though, that you have identified that you have eaten everything in sight and you are logging everything. Denial is a killer when you are trying to loose weight, so well done you.
Things sound positive today though hun. Keep it up and the pounds will soo drop off. :)
well another 100% day for me :party0049: in fact still have a couple of hundred cals left but i'm done eating for the day. I'm such a party animal that i'll prob be in bed by 8.30 on a saturday night although in my defense i'll be up at 5am for work :sigh2:
I might weigh in tomorrow as i think i'd prefer a sunday weigh in, not sure why just a natural end of the week really and i'm dying to see how i'm doing. I've not been on the scales since Tuesday which is very unlike me, usually i'm on there 3 times a day every day. I must admit i'm really enjoying this diet, it seems to suit me a lot, don't need to buy special food, can still eat everything i love, makes me think about portion control. Hubby commented today that i seem a lot happier on this diet, i know its only early days but so far so good.
That's really great :) Glad it's working for you :)
CCing really is a great way to shift the weight.
I used to get very down in the dumps on other diets, and it finally dawned on me the other day that it was the diet dragging me down. I don't get that with ccing, because I truly don't feel like I'm on a diet. It's a lifestyle choice.

Glad things are going well. :)
I hope the WI went well if you did it today xx
Morning all,
Hope we are all well today.
I still haven't decided what day to weigh in, but over the weekend i weighed on the wii fit and it said i had lost 10lbs, my scales said 8lbs which is fab. Then the next day i discovered my scales were dead so i'm just going to weigh in on the wii. Yesterday it said i have lost a further 2lbs, so i've lost 12lbs in 10 days! I wasn't going to register loses unless they were on weigh day but because the wii only says what you've lost since the last weigh in so i'd lose track. I've also started a new blog on blogger, i had another one before but it was all a bit depressing so i started afresh.
Yesterday was a pretty bad day life wise and food wise. Was at work for a few hours and my new phone was lost/stolen only had it a few months and cost me a fortune! Was not a happy bunny which lead to me eating the house down. Luckily my husband is lovely and after speaking to virgin to get a new sim sent out, he ordered me a lovely lilac blackberry. Got today and tomorrow off so going to get some wii action in and get the housework done (exciting stuff don't know how i cope :D)
Amazing loss! Well done! That sucks about your phone. Had a friends who was stolen within a week of buying it! She was devastated.
OOO my new phone arrived yesterday, its pretty and lilac! Not as posh as my other one but least i have a decent phone, can't cope without email, mfp or minis on my phone.
Just watched a program about a women who took 250 laxatives a day, she was 5ft10 and weighed like 7stone, It was mental because she had hidden it from everyone so had no support until she confessed to her mum, she was really brave and wanted to stop, by the end she ended up cutting back to 20 a day and a women who ate pottery and cigerette ashes which was just gross and her 1 year old was copying her but she did cut down a lot!! Made me think alot about what i eat and the strength i need to find to battle this weight problem and at the moment i'm not sure i have it, which is my problem. I'm going out to dinner tonight and then i'll start afresh tomorrow.

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