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Judi's diary, I must get a grip!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Well that's the first week under my belt! (not that I would THINK of wearing one!) 4lbs gone, which to say we had New Year and wine at the weekend was something of a miracle.I know most of that will be water, but it's a loss and I must keep going.
I'm going to make a concerted effort to exercise 3 times a week, I shall have to sort thru my dvds, I really don't need to buy another tho I'm tempted by Camilla Dallerups.OH tidied my Rosemary Conleys salsa one away which is my fave ,can't remember where he put it! MEN! Ishall start gently and work up. My yogalates is a good one and I do like the bellydance one, can feel my abs after both.
Off to get a pressure cooker today then I can make soups with pulses in in no time at all, then I will take them to work when I go back next week.
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Mad old Bat with Attitude
Thanks Nilo! I've just managed the warm up and 10 mins of aerobics from Martines dance body! I need oxygen! Call me Mrs Picky, but the one who was supposed to be doing the easy version did the same as the rest! Now for lots of water and a few stretches.


Over half way to target
Impressed by your detemination to exercise (as well as by the huge variety of exercise dvds you seem to have - its been that long since I did one, it was the flippin Liz MacDonald video! oh the shame of it!).
Good luck.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Oh Melanie, I have 2 off those, OH tidied them away, I reckon my Rosemary Conley salsa dvd is with them grrrrrrr.

Well I have been positively saintly for 2 days! Making soups for lunch, lentils yest which upset OH's stomach!I have a new pressure cooker, so I am doing lots of pulses as they don't take long. Split pea soup today! Also invested in a new slow cooker from Tesco so lots of casseroles for comfort.
Managed to stay away from the scales this morning, and I must get a dvd out and do some exercise. I sit around watching far too much tv, so that's GOT TO STOP!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Well that's 30 mins of the Oz aerobics pilates. A bit like pilates on speed! I'm warm and slightly breathless and I know I'll feel it tomorrow. Next time I'll do the full 55mins but I shall need to move the settee right back! :wee:
Well done on the 4lbs thats great!!! :) Also its really great about the workout dvds! I have been doing callanetics and jillian michaels 30 day shred video cause its only 20min but kicks your behind!! lol


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Oh my word I'm stiff! I can't decide what part is worst! But it's not just my stomach, it's all the way up my back and my arms too!I already feel as tho I'm standing straighter.Must do my legs today.
Another day without cheating under my belt! That's 3!


Silver Member
Well done on being so good with the food and exercise!

I use my slow cooker all the time. I even roast a pork joint in it a few days ago which stayed so moist instead of drying out a bit like it does in the oven. I also cooked a chicken in it last night and that stayed really moist too. Plus the skin didn't go all crispy and shout at me to have a 'taste' LOL.

Sounding good for a great loss this week
OH tidied my Rosemary Conleys salsa one away which is my fave ,can't remember where he put it!

I've got that DVD. I re-found it again a couple of days ago and strategically placed so that I can use it.............. not that I have yet but I might just put it on this afternoon.

Good on ya for your weight loss!!

Stay motivated Girl!!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
So I hopped on the scales looking forward to a big dollop off, ,,,,,, and it registered 1lb! Now it won't make me eat anything, but I weighed 2lbs less than this last thurs! And I've been good! Trouble is I've done lots of exercise! I never lose a great amount when I do! Heyho! Keep going!
Well done on the loss :) xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
A b*gger of a day at work!

It's just been one of those days when everyone wanted me to do their job, (I said NO!) and trying to get anything done was like wading through mud! Add into that having to have my photo taken for a leaflet that hundreds of people locally will see aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh! (I did ask if they could airbrush it!)
BUT! I made my lunch last night and when I got home OH had made a fish pie to a SW recipe, and there is no wine in the house so I can't cheat! So 2 cups of herbal tea later, I'm still kn*ckered but I'm still in control! So a glass of LC tonic should see me right. :p
Fish pie sounds good!! :) Well done for saying no to everyone!! xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Well it went better this week, I lost 3lbs, so I'm really pleased! (not that I've done anything different!) Must be extra careful as my son is coming for the weekend and we're treating him and his partner to a slap up Chinese!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Call me Mrs Thicky!

But I've only just noticed the BMI on the ticker! It's going down! And I just realised that my initial goal takes me just inside the healthy BMI range! Oh and it won't take too long to get to be overweight at this rate! Life's good isn't it?

(full of home made red lentil soup, gale force winds forecast for tonight :8855:)


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Now how did I do that? I lost 2lbs this week despite having visitors! A visit to Pret a Manger and a Chinese takeaway! Must have been ultra good during the week! I'm in the 100's!

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