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  1. little-me

    little-me Full Member

    Here for motivation and to help others on their journey. I'm heading for mid forties, 5'1" weighing in at just over 156lb. I've been here before. I reached goal 124lb in December 2010 and I maintained really well to late 2012. The weight creeped on little by little. It happened in stages, 9 1/2 stone, 10stone, suddenly I hit 11stone and that awful feeling of self disgust returned. I tried dieting. I lost 3/4 lb several times only to put it back on after one night out.

    So I'm back. I started on Wednesday morning and I'm determined to slip into size10 skinnys by mid august. I can still feel the joy of being slim, the confidence, the looks :) and that's what I'm keeping in my sight.

    So all went well day one and day two. Day three I melted, I'm on a difficult project at work and I just got so overwhelmed I broke into tears and cried for the afternoon. Worse worse my boss insisted on lunch, day three terror, there was no escape. I opted for a salad and ate the chicken only. Feel so annoyed but I'm letting it go, I drank some extra water and I am keeping focussed.

    Then yesterday the headache came with a vengeance for the rest of the day. I realise now it's the breakthrough to ketosis, but yesterday was not good.

    Day 4 a new day, I've slept till late and I feel great, a sneaky WI tells me I'm down 4lb so this is good. Lots of water, 100%, determination, here I come skinnys xxx

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  3. little-me

    little-me Full Member

    Feeling great in the morning but as the day went on I was hungry to-day. Drinking lots of water. My mouth feels thick, keeping brushing my teeth but they don't feel fresh for long :( I also got A slight headache and a craving for sugar which was really niggly. Somehow I was able to resist temptation. Went to the cinema to pass the time and brought a litre of water and a large Americano in with me. I just had my last shake so feeling ok as it's nearly bed time. I wonder of keto is here yet. My chemist had no sticks so I hope they have them for my WI on Tuesday.

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  4. little-me

    little-me Full Member

    Day 5

    Still feeling exhausted. I was asleep last night at 11 and slept right through to 8am. Not like me! I wake at 5.45 every morning. When does the energy come? I'm worried that ketosis hasn't kicked in although I have the other signs. I looked in the mirror and I don't look so bloated, incredible thirst, and my mouth is furry!!

    But feeling this miserable wasn't part of my plan. I need a big mood improvement for work tomorrow.

    I'm off to make my first shake, an iced coffee and vanilla.
    excited about this journey but still worried I won't last the pace.
  5. daisey123

    daisey123 Full Member

    I have an iced vanilla and coffee one every morning! I really enjoy them. X
  6. little-me

    little-me Full Member

    Day 13
    Wow haven't had time to post so busy at work, lost 6lb for my week one WI. That was ok. Chemist was disappointed with me and said the chicken breast I had for lunch had slowed my loss. I'm not sure how true that is as chicken whilst not ideal is pure protein. However she killed my mojo. I've been hungry all week. Tomorrow is WI but I thought I wouldn't last the pace. What is wrong, ketosis means "Not Hungry" yes? I am starving all day every day. I'm drinking 3 + litres of water everyday and I have been 100% all week. Can anyone help me on this one. If the hunger doesn't go soon I'm worried I will cave. Has this happened to anyone else? Feeling very down. Just so determined to succeed but it's very difficult xxx

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  7. Nai

    Nai Full Member

    Hi. How did your WI go today? I've just started and on day 2 so dont give up! Remember how hard the first few days were :)
  8. little-me

    little-me Full Member

    Thanks for your support Nai, good luck to you, keep strong, the pain is worth it to see those lbs dropping off.

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  9. little-me

    little-me Full Member

    Day 14

    2nd WI and I'm down another 3lb. I am disappointed, but my chemist cheered me up by reminding I'm 9lb down after two weeks. I could never have done that under a regular diet. People are commenting on my face, it's not so swelled. (I bloat easily and this has disappeared) I feel my clothes more comfortable but can't yet see it in the mirror.
    The biggest thing was the diet was so much easier today. No difficulty at all. No hunger and almost forgot about my last shake. I made a choc mint shake by adding two breath fresheners to the shake, lots of ice and whizzed it up. Just enough to curb my sweetness craving. I have to say this is helping for the weak moments. So much better than the soup. I ordered 3 chocolate & strawberry shakes this week for the days when a little nice treat is needed. The iced shakes are lovely on these warm summer evenings.I hope everyone is doing ok! Feeling strong and believing in 100% xxx

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  10. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Congratulations! you did great job. Wonderful that your diet plan fits you perfectly - no hunger and lots of motivation;-) These are the most important thing in our long and hard war with weight;-) Good luck and keep going!
  11. Nai

    Nai Full Member

    Well done, 9lbs in 2 weeks is still good. I'm thinking I'll have similar weight loss to this. When I read posts where people lose 17lbs in a week I think thats amazing. We'll get there slowly :)

    I had my first chocolate shake made with cold peppermint tea and a little ice and its so
    much easier to get down. Definitely recommend it :)
  12. little-me

    little-me Full Member

    Awh thanks so much for your encouragement, perseverance is the new mantra lol x how are you doing?
  13. little-me

    little-me Full Member

    Ah yes the peppermint tea, I have to try as the breath strips did feel a bit odd, yes it's ok of a loss, and next week hopefully that number will be 12. Thanks for your lovely words they mean a lot to me. How are you doing Nai?
  14. little-me

    little-me Full Member

    Day 15��
    it can't get any easier. I just cannot believe how different I feel to Monday. The hunger has disappeared. If you are feeling starving like I was persevere ladies as I am through the other side, and boy am I happy I stuck with it. Now I feel I can start enjoying this diet. Tried on an old skirt, it fits but just a tad too much knicker line so I will check again next week. Something to keep me going. What a mini goal to have lol. I hope you are all having a great day ���� :)
  15. Nai

    Nai Full Member

    Hi Jules. Went to bed early last night. Think today will be a struggle for me! I'm on day 4. I feel wrecked but didnt get much sleep last night with rumbling belly and going for wee's all night. I kinda feel down and the day has only begun!!
    Sounds like ur over the hump again and its a great feeling when something small fits u. Cant wait to i get that day..x
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