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  1. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Does anyone want to sign up for a challenge? It doest matter what day you weigh but if everyone has 4 weigh ins thst makes it fair i guess? My first weigh in will be this friday

    I propose 14 lbs. i hope to go from 11st 9.5 to 10st 9.5 ... My last weigh in will be friday 25th july

    Anyone want to join?

    If you do please add below. Please add your target loss, first and last weigh in day and i will try update.
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  3. goose

    goose Silver Member


    Goose : 14 lbs ( 9lbs lost...5 lbs to go)

    Daisey123: 28lbs (19 lbs lost ...9 to go)

    Yeye: 18 lbs

    Mini : 11 lbs

    Spacepig: 31.5 lbs (6.5lbs lost ... 25lbs to go)

    Caravita: 20lbs

    Curkylocks : 21 lbs

    Wobblebottom: 18lbs
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  4. daisey123

    daisey123 Full Member

    I will join goose!!! I have my first weigh in on Friday too!! I want to loose 2 stone! I know it's a long shot but I will like to see how close to it I can get. X
  5. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Woohoo!! Fingers crossed you can achieve that xx post your weekly losses on here so i can update x
  6. daisey123

    daisey123 Full Member

    Okay! I will do! I'm really looking forward to this! I most certainly am I. Need of a good boost! X
  7. Yeye

    Yeye Silver Member

    I'm in! Weigh day Saturday, first is 05/07/14. I want to lose 18lbs xx
  8. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Good luck! You can do it x
  9. daisey123

    daisey123 Full Member

    We can all do it!!!! X
  10. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    I'm in!

    I lost 11lb for June so if I can do the same again for July I will be happy!
  11. Spacepig

    Spacepig Member

    I'll give it a go - just had my weigh in today and I came in at 17 stone 3.5lbs - lets see how close I can get to 15 stone for the end of July, making a loss of 31.5lbs, my last weigh in will be 30th July

    Good luck folks
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  12. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Welcome aboard!!! You can sooo do it!!
  13. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Oohhh fingers crossed for you!!! Keep at it x
  14. daisey123

    daisey123 Full Member

    Goose!! It's weigh day tomorrow. I'm so excited!! X
  15. goose

    goose Silver Member


    The hubby is encouraging me to have a night of n eat tonight And i said NO!!!!

    Ill come out with u, but ill be sipping my black tea and nibbling my flapjack... Hope tomorrows a good un. Xxx
  16. daisey123

    daisey123 Full Member

    Well done Goose!!! You shall be repayed on the scales tomorrow. X
  17. goose

    goose Silver Member

    3 lbs gone ... I am happy considering my blip but know if it wasn't for my blip it would have been a bigger loss!

    Ive decided im not entering this loss in to my July challenge and will do the dates 4th, 11th, 18th 25th as my weigh in to make a true July challenge and hopefully stay 100% on target!

    So total lost is 15.5 lbs going from 12st 8 to 11st 6.5 in 3 weeks

    No one has yet to comment but my clothes are deffo looser :)

    Cant wait for Julys loss :) want to lose 14lbs so hopefully be 10st 6.5 ....
  18. daisey123

    daisey123 Full Member

    Fab goose!!! That brilliant! Well done! X
  19. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Daisey how did you get on?
  20. caravita

    caravita Member

    hi goose, ii would like to join the july challenge? my weight dates are the 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th. and i pledge 20lbs thanks
  21. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Good luck xx let me know your losses and i will update xx
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