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Jump Aboard the Slim Fast Train!!!


Ummmmmm Chocolate
Hey everyone, I joined this fourm back in july when i started slim fast, I have been checking in, but feel i NEED you guys to get some motivation to just back on the train and get my butt in to gear! I have not stopped picking at "naughties" and hav got back to my bad habbits *tut tut* i blame christmas! lol

Anyways just thought id say HI, and hope to post a lot more. Slim fast has done wonders for me. But i have totally fallen off the wagon!

Ive oficially been doing it for 7Months and have lost 3stone... so here we go again!!!!!!
good luck to everyone esle starting a fresh!
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Hi Tinkerbell

3 stone is fantastic!! Well done you! Really inspiring for the rest of us. Want to join the January Challenge? A few of us are tracking our weekly loss also and recording it all in one post (have a look and you'll see what i mean).

I'm gagging for some choc at moment but luckily have nothing in house! :0)


Ummmmmm Chocolate
I'll join the Jan challenge!!! We are totally snowed in where i live, and rapidly running out of yummy snacks. (so thats probably a good thing) :)
Thanx for your Reply x


Gold Member
make sure you dont buy anymore!!

Welcome back to the site tinkerbell!!!!

3 stone is amazing.... ive only managed 2... but heres hoping we will get to 3 soon enough!!!

hope your doing well, and keep posting. we all would love to know how you are getting on!!


Ummmmmm Chocolate
Tinkerbell have you done slimfast solidly for 7 months???
Nooooooooooooooooooo, i havent been too strict with myself. in 7 months there have been many many friday night double cheese dominos pizza'!! (ummm *dribbles*)
I always have chocolate at the weekend and nibbles at work.
for the first 4 months i was really strict with myself!
since I have just tried to have slimfast for breakfast, snack at 10am, slimfast for lunch at 1pm, snack at 4pm, Dinner at 7pm and then a snack around 8pm'ish!

the dinners i have are not what i'd call healthy, i only go by calorie content and not fat content, so i just add up the points!
there have been weeks where i havent lost anything, but touch wood so far i have not put any weight on! honestly i dont know how i have done it! it must just really work well!!! If it can work for, it can work for anyone!
Hi Tinkerbell
You've done really well so far, so keep up the good work!
Its my first day today & have 2 1/2 stone to lose (preferably as quickly as possibly)!!!!
Think i'll join in the January challenge to spur me on!

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