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Jumping on 20times a day

I know we all do this, and we all know its wrong.

Maybe we can start this thread with all reasons why it's so wrong.

*it doesn't count anyways cause its not the CDC scales
*your weight fluctuates through out the day and over the week.
*it can lead you to feeling miserable if you've gone up on your scale - as you naturally would during the day.
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Deb G

Silver Member
In the past I've let my day be dictated by what the scales tell me in the morning, and forget all reasonable reasons!! I've managed to wean myself down to twice a week now - and I am proud at managing that!


Just about on the wagon!
Hi Clarabel,

I agree. I started yesterday and guess what - jumped on this morning! :banghead: Argh! Why? Yes I had lost a pound, but I'm now kicking myself as I should wait so that it's all the more of a nice surprise after a week!

Anyway, I think you've probably covered the main reasons, but there's also:

* have you ever put 4 litre bottles of water on a scale - they are heavy! And we are drinking lots and lots that might come up as weight.
* you shouldn't rely on weight loss, rather inch loss and clothes feeling looser. I've had weeks when I've either lost a pound or stayed the same, and then lost 3 inches!

Can't think of any more for now. Off to hide the scales! :p

L x


*all you're doing is weighing your food and drink, and your clothes unless you strip naked every time you hop on
*a litre of water weighs 2lb

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