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    WW...soon lipotrim
    :)Hi everyone, I am thinking of starting lipotrim on august 4th when I get home from uni, and I just have a few questions that I can't find the answers for!

    Firstly.....How many weeks is the least you can do it for??? For example....if you were to lose 2 stone a 5 weeks and you thought that was enough, would it be ok to start weening yourself off then without putting all the weight immediately back on??

    Also...what happens if you buy, for example, 5 chicken soup sachets and you dont like them? Are you stuck with eating them for the week?

    I also am wondering about the water intake....is there no way you can drink the water with really low calorie squash? Its literally 3 calories per serving, that cant make much of a difference can it??

    These are probably really silly questions but I need to know!

    Thanks for taking the time to read!

    Chloe x
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    Hi Chole
    You must do LT for a minimum of 4 weeks! After that your chemist will guide you through a carefully balanced refeed...which must be followed to the letter!
    No you cant drink squash...yes it low cal...but has citrus, carbs and a whole host of other things to knock you out of ketosis, which is how this diet works...its 3 shakes, minimum of 4 pints of water and thats it!!! ...the only extra thing you can have is more water up to 10 pints in all! You will get use to the water, i hated it at first, but then craved it after a few days x
    You can exchange your items if you do not like them, no problems
    Good luck and hope this helps x
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    Welcome aboard Chloe :) You've deffo come to the right place - so much info, inspiration & the occasional ass-whooping on here to keep you on the straight & narrow :)

    You can do LT for as long as you want BUT (& it is a big but) once you come off then make sure you follow the refeed programme to the letter - you will have been on a total food replacement programme & it's very very important to refeed & reintroduce food groups in a controlled way or you can put weight back on... watch the vid in my sig for fuller deets :)

    The vid will also answer why you can't have any squash... it's not the calories that's the problem, it's the citric acid which can affect your ketosis... don't fear the h2o - it's a fat burning liquid :D The more the better...

    Good luck ! 2 stone in 5 weeks is achievable but averages around a stone a month (ish). :)
  5. giggles_star_87

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    WW...soon lipotrim

    Thankyou so much guys, I really am gonna go for it! Shame about the squash but Im a dancer anyway so I think my dance teachers will be pleased if I come off it and as a result, love water as well as have lost a couple of stone!! Lol.

    I'll let you know how I do.

    x x
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    Good luck Chloe.

    You can have black coffee, black tea and green tea as well. You can use tablet sweeteners but not powder sweeteners as they have sugar in them.

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