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Just a little advice about cakes


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Could you take one and put it in your bag, saying you are saving it for later, but dispose of it when you get home?

It'll just lead to the slippery slope!
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Well I doubt everyone is going to be staring at you watching you eat, so I would break the cake up into little bits, and pick one bit up, wave it around a bit in your hand, so that whenever anyone looks in your direction you are sitting their with it in your hand looking as if you are chatting and about to eat it.

After 5 minutes it'll just be a plate of crumbs which you can swiftly knock into the bin;)

I liked the idea of taking it home for later though:D


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I agree - don't eat it. If you eat the cake this week ... get away with it and lose weight - you'll think you can do the same next week, and before long you'll be picking all the time.

If they don't know you are on the diet, say you have a sore throat and don't want to eat it for that reason. If you put it in your bag, you're more likely to eat it anyway. If someone else knows you are dieting, ask them to eat 2!! Especially if it's a guy, they'll happily dispose of 2cakes.

Be strong - plenty more birthdays when you'll be slim and able to have a cake!


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Good ideas FGEyes! Don't eat it, if you're in ketosis now the cake will kick you out, and then you will have hunger again. Not nice!
I am on week one too and it was my twin boys 5th birthday on Sunday and I did have a piece of brithday cake!!

I did however tell my counsellor my intention to do this, its only once a year and tbh if it was a case of a piece of birthday cake and the start of the 790 CD plan or feed my face full of junk for another week, then we agreed it best to do the first!!

If you really don't want the cake or can resisit temptation, then don't have it! Either way don't feel guilty. This is why I wound up stressing and putting all my weight back on after a 7 month binge!


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Don't do it!!!!!!!

One of the Governors where I work was leaving today and had a mini farewell party in his office, he brought in a bloody shed load of fresh cream cakes and everyone started tucking in to them........I stood around for awhile and when someone asked why I wasn't having any, I said I was on a diet and wanted to be slim more than I wanted a cake......everyone was so supportive and encouraging towards me and only the larger lady who is 'always' on a diet of some kind and was stuffing herself with TWO cakes said something mean....which I took for being jealous!!!!

Don't do it honey!!! be strong and just know that if you can refuse this you can truly do this diet and be slim for summer! What means more to you, 2 minutes (if that) of pleasure or a lifetime of happiness????

Be strong! (((((hugs)))))

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