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just a little tip to help speed fat loss

this is just a little something that i think will help you lose fat more quicky, not weight but FAT. I even posted a thread about to get your opinion on..exerercising in the morning. if this concept is new to you the theory behind it that your body's glycogen levels are low in the morning and with no glycogen to burn your body uses fat as fuel. this made sense to me only i thought it might burn muscle as well. after some research the best way to keep muscle intack is taking some kind of protein sourse before you exercise. you don't want load up on carbs for that would defeat the purpous. so what you do is get some whey protein that low in carbs and mixed it water before you do your cardio. i've been doing this for about two weeks and the results are amazing!!! i recoment you lift weights in the afternoon or evening(do only one muscle group once a week
ex. arms, chest-mon
back, abs- tues
legs, shoulders-wed....ect.
and make sure you have a protein shake after you lift, you muscle will lap it up and that will help them grow. ladies you won't get bulky but leaner. i've lost 3 inches from my waiste since i started doing this and enery is off the roof:D:D:D!!!!! just wanted to share that and hope you find it helpful.
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Sumo wrestlers exercise first thing in the morning as it makes you ravenous but it means that the weight they put on is on the outside and not around the organs keeping them healthier.
I always exercise in the morning as that's when it's most convenient for me. I don't normally eat beforehand as I'm always concerned to go as soon as possible- I live next to a school and want to get back before I get trampled by hoards of school kids. I do eat straight afterwards though.

Am I doing myself a damage doing it like that? If it would make a difference I guess I could try and get up earlier and have breakfast first.

Also I mainly have porridge oats for breakfast as they will keep me going longer, but is there something I could eat that would be better for weight loss?
It's living next to the school- if I exercised later, I'd be coming back (sweaty and hot) right when there are hundreds of school children in the street. I'd rather go when the streets are empty.

I might try getting up a bit earlier and eating first though.

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