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Just a question


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The standard reply from WW is that you will lose between 1 and 2 lbs a week. This varies incredibly though, it depends on how much weight you have to lose to begin with, how much exercise you do, what foods you use your points on etc.

I would personally not aim to lose 4 or 5 stone by October as it can put too much pressure on you, however it is possible - as proven by Starlight who has done incredibly well and lost 4 stone in 4 months!! Starlight has done this by sticking to the plan, using all her points etc etc.

So it is possible - but only if you stick to it 110%! Use all your points, eat healthily (although still allowing yourself treats), drink your water and up your exercise. But at the same time don't make your goals too difficult as that can be disheartening in itself.

Oh, and I'm about 13st 10lbs now and in a size 16... When I was 11st I was between a 12 and a 14... For me when I get down to about 12 - 12.5st I will probably be comfortable in a 14. But again, everyone is different, it all depends on your body shape, height etc.

Good luck. :)
Thanks sparkle
I have got about 6 stone to lose or just a bit over I know ive got a long journey ahead of me keep wondering if i will get there at the moment i dont do any exercise im looking into fitting some in my diet plan to help my weightloss faster but cant seem to get that motivation i feel so tiered and lethargic. Yes starlights done well she knows all about ww now and how to use her points but i keep not using them which i should . Oh the sizes if i was a size 16 at 13 st 10lbs I would be happy but would love to be a size 14 im 5ft 3in and have a large frame
Thanks for your help youve helped me alot
It's impossible to say what weight you need to be to fit into a size 14. At 9st 6lb a couple of years ago I was only just squeezing into a size 12, but I was more a 14. I've always needed to be around the 10st mark to fit comfortably into a size 14.

It really depends on your shape etc, everyone's different.


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I agree completely on what has been said, there is no set weight to being a size 14 as I can normally fit into a size 14 comfortably when I am around 11.5 when I am 11 to 10.5 I am a 12 and at the moment at 12.3 I am between a 14 & 16 so really it goes on shape not on weight.

I think with ww they should do an ideal shape and not weight as as you will notice my BMI is still a little heigher than what I should be, but when I got to the heigher part of my BMI last time I was too thin and OH and I did'nt like it, this time I am stopping at 11 so I will not be in my ideal BMI but i will be an ideal shape and size for ME.
I dont think setting a goal of 4 stone by October is necessarily a good idea. That would mean almost a stone a month. Set yourself smaller targets. Why not join the June Challenge which will be up and running soon.

The ONLY way youll lose weight is to stick to WW 100%. If you do, the weight will come off no problem. Once youve lost some your energy levels will increase and youll feel more motivated to do exercise. Start off with just gentle exercise, 10 mins walking a day or something, theres no point being over ambitious and unrealistic. I can quite happily go walking but know an hour in the gym would likely kill me lol

Dont be too focussed on a size 14 either, just wait and see how you feel as the weight comes off, once you feel better about yourself you might be happier as a 16 or something.

The main thing is you have to stick to WW. Eat ALL your points and see the weight come off.

Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can

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