??? just a question


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With the pricing of cambridge diet increasing.

Can other brands of shakes be used??? like slim and save,exante etc, has anyone done it???

Looking into the slim and save allowable foods you can have 100g of meat/fish etc and 200g of veg, with cd as you know the weights are slightly different, so im just wondering if any of you have mixed and matched, is it doable to have s and s shakes and cd foods?? for me personally i would like to have 245g chicken rather than 100g chicken.
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I think there are lots of people dotted across MiniMins who are doing their own thing using various shakes and "green and white" meals (for want of a better description). I'd say the important thing is to make sure that whichever shakes you use, the nutrition adds up to 100% of your daily requirements (so have 4 if you need 4) and to keep track of your calories and carbs. More than 60g carb a day means you may lose the appetite suppressant effect of ketosis, and it makes sense to keep calories below 800 if you want to treat the plan as a VLCD. I know a few folk use MFP to keep track of things this way.

Hope that helps!