Konjac noodles question..


Hi everyone

I’ve been on exante for 5 weeks and have lost 1st 4lbs so far.

im on the 800 cal plan where I have 3 products a day and a 200 cal meal from the approved list...

I recently realised we can have 200g of konjac noodles as well as the veg and protein in the 200 cal meal.. whe I do have the noodles usually have broccoli chicken or salmon and then the noodles and make a kinda stir fry.

However I’ve noticed some konjac noodles have higher calories and carbs than others.. I first of all had the bare naked ones from Sainsbury’s (based in uk) which are 15 calls and no carbs.. couldn’t find them this weekend so have had the Asda slim konjac noodles .. had them two day’s in a row and noticed they have some carb content and are 35 calories.

now I’m panicking I’ve messed up?? It doesn’t specify in the booklet what brand we can have ..

Any advise please ?
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