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Just a quick question about refeeding - do I HAVE to do it properly??


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Bit of early question considering I havent started LT yet :D.

Im starting Wednesday, but just for 4 weeks at the minute. I have a wedding on the 19th of June and want to enjoy it - unfortunately for me, this means food and lots of alcohol!!.

Have just read Mini's fabulously informative post re refeeding and am now worried...

I really need to loose as much as possible in the next 4 weeks (if it works out for me, i.e. losses are good I plan to go back on LT couple of days after wedding), I couldnt start LT sooner as am doing degree part time and had really important exams (finished last Weds - woo hoo!!) coupled with a newborn, I didnt want to an VLCD as I needed the freshest head possible.

Was aware of refeeding but didnt know until tonight how important it is, am starting on 19.05.2010 and thought I could just be naughty and go directly on to ww when finish LT, (on the 16th May), be really good for 2 days, have a complete "day off" and enjoy wedding on the 19th and go straight back on LT or ww depending..

After reading post am really worried Im just going to immediately gain a stone if I dont refeed properly :confused:

Sorry for another silly question...
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this is SPARTA!
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Refeeding is VERY important and if you intend to eat and have 'lots of alcohol' then you MUST refeed for a week beforehand for your own safety. I wouldnt worry so much about gaining a stone (and if you carb it up you will put on weight immediately as you will be loading your glycogen stores) but the alcohol thing.

A good thing about a VLCD is that you do think of food and drink in a different way. Perhaps after a couple of weeks on this you may not feel to enjoy this wedding that you must eat and drink. Ive been to weddings before on CD and had a blast drinking my sparkling water and eating my cranberry bars. I can understand if it is an all day thing Ive got a wedding in 5 weeks where my OH is the best man and Im dreading it, because Im going to refeed and I dont want to, I want to stick to it and I think I will. Heck, Im going on holiday in 9 weeks and fully intend to stick to it then now after asking questions on the board!

This diet you will find is a kind of 'do or die' one. You either must give it 100%...or not bother because it wont work for you. Its not just about what passes your lips but about your mental attitude towards it.

Ive tried to restart this a few times and failed before...either because I had an event I 'had' to eat or because I just wasnt prepared to give the 100% you HAVE to to make it work. Then I thought, why am I letting myself go to these events, eating the crappy food and feeling like a fat heffer when I can do this diet I know works, mebbe not eat but still have a good time and look FABULOUS!

Sorry for sounding like a pontificating a-hole, but Im feeling very passionate about it tonight, lol!

All I can say is if breaking the diet for the wedding is the only option for you, you MUST refeed. Especially if your going to drink a lot of booze...it'd be dangerous for you if you dont.

Good luck!


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Speaking from recent experience, if you don't do a proper re-feed and just load up on the carbs, then more than likely, you will see a substantial gain on the scales (mostly water, rather than fat), this can be distressing!


Likes to eat
S: 15st6lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 2st9lb(17.13%)
thank you both so much for your replies - really helpful.

Princess - you didnt sound like a "pontificating a-hole" at all :D - really appreciate the honesty!.

Am afraid I've made myself sound like a bit of an alcohol though!! :eek::D, usually Im not really into drinking but I've been pregnant for most of 09 (miscarraige and then, thankfully "successful" pregnancy) and havent wanted to leave my baby (now 16 weeks) to go out socialising just yet so have literally not had a night out/socialised/ drank in almost a year and a half :rolleyes:- hence looking forward to letting my hair down and really enjoying this wedding. :)

It probably sounds silly and not the right way to go but hey ho.

Thanks to you both and a bit more researching, I feel I understand refeed a bit better now, and will definately be following it to the letter for 7 days after LT. If not for your bluntness I wouldnt have, if Im honest and from what I now know would have ended in a disaster and a very upset me!!!.

Well done on your losses to date - got packs today - am starting tomorrow!! off to start a diary to bore you all even more... :D

irish molly

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Good on you for deciding to refeed properly. Princess has said it all. There are no shortcuts with LT but the rewards are good. Stick with the plan. lots of luck


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Welcome and the advice you have been given is spot on.

I didnt refeed the other week and the hard truth was that I put on 11lbs in 11 days!! Yes, almost all that I had taken 3 weeks to lose! Just not worth it at all........

It is so important to refeed, but you know that now!

Good luck on your LT journey....

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