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Having read some posts about negative comments that have been made and how it makes us feel (I can be very thin skinned), it made me remember something that others may want to try.

I moved in April 2008 and had to have a new patient medical at the doctor - including being weighed. In May 2008 I joined SW. By December 2008 I'd lost 2.5stone.

In the December I had to go to the doctor as I'd been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in the autumn so needed regular assessing. I was feeling really low that day and on a downer at my myself. Hated the way I looked, my weight etc.

For some reason I decided I wanted to know what the difference was in the SW scales to the one's at the doctors so I asked if he could weigh me on their ones - hadn't told him I was on SW.

He was even more pleased and excited than I was at my weight loss and I feared he was going to hug me at one point. I came out of there feeling 10 foot tall and pleased as punch. It's not often a doctor says something good to you about your weight.

So, if you have to see the doctor (or practice nurse) about something and want a bit of praise, ask if they'll weigh you.

OK, reading that back through it sounds a bit daft - but it worked for me :D
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Oh, bless you! I have to be weighed when I go for a top up of the pill, and my doctor (female!) actually lightly smacked my bum when I hadn't lost any weight after telling her I would try!!

I haven't seen her since starting SW (she's part-time and never seems to be there when I need to see her - grrr), but I was weighed by another male GP a month or so ago and was so chuffed when he commented on my weightloss! Next time I get to see my own GP, I'll probably be at target and she won't recognise me anyway!

Great boost :)

maxine uk

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great timing with this thread :)
i went for my yearly diabetic check up and the nurse couldnt stop asking me what i had been doing??? doing i asked thinking my levels where really bad and i might need insulin.. yes she said when i last weighed you you were 18 stones 3lb
oh i said it got worse than that (i did feel ashamed at this point) i went up to 18 stones 9lb but since joining sw (15/6/09) i have lost 4stones 5.1/2lb at this point i was grinning like a cheshire cat (do cats in cheshire smile)
my wi is in an hour and i would sooooooo love to hit that 4 stones 7 lb mark.. oh and the scales there had me at almost 2lbs heavier...:eek::confused:

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Great thread! I started my SW journey on the 1st October and a couple of days later had to go to the Dcotors for the pill - got told I was in the obese category (just) and BP was a bit high! I go every 6 months for a check-up and can't wait (well I can, you know what I mean!) until March when I get everything checked again and show that I've lost weight! xxx

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I think this is good advice, as you will be pleasantly surprised. Whenever you have a weight check regardless of if its on the spur of the moment or not, it is always recorded so that your GP can monitor your health and advise accordingly.
If they can see that you are making the effort then they will give you the pat on the back that you deserve!