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Just a thought really....


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Whilst I am out I am a terrible people watcher... have you noticed that alot if the general public are not very attractive at all, scruffy, frowning, miserable - Now my question is - having looked at loads of piccies on the site, there seems to be lots of peeps out there who have lost alot of weight that are very attractive/pretty/sexy etc etc - why when god has given us something special do we hide it behind lbs of flesh ???
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I think perhaps lack of confidence, a lot of attractive people have little confidence in themselves and often dont think they are attractive. I people watch too and constantly compare myself to other women when i am out, my bum is bigger than hers, my arms are bigger, my face etc. which then got me down & when i am down i eat, it's a vicious circle.
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I find this forum is a fantastic place - everyone here has a common goal - everyone is focused on improving themselves and becoming a better person - and the very best part is that everyone genuinely wants to see other people succeed - we are all eachothers inspiration and we all support and encourage eachother with full conviction... Wouldnt the world be a far better place if it was just like minimins?

Most of us where one of those scuffy miserable people at one time. Thankfully something inside each of us made a decision to take a new path and live a healthier lifestyle and make the most of the one body we will ever have.

Everyone here is so supportive of eachother but many people in the world are jealous of other peoples achievements, want to see other people fall, make excuses not to better themselves because they say life is for living, but they miss the whole point of life, the whole point of life is to live the best life you can and become the best person you can.... if you arent growing, then you are dying... it is the natural way life works... all those miserable people you see walking around probably have no goals and dont look forward to the future with excitement and anticipation about what lies before them and they have little or no real sense of achievement.... they are focused on the next quick fix, the food, alcohol, drugs, etc...

Its the cliche saying but discipline truly does equal freedom. If you have no self discipline and your focus is only on short term pleasure then you are trapping yourself in a life of frustration and long term dispair... it takes determination and strength to break the old habits and start down a road to live a better life... some people can make that step - we did! - some people just dont seem to have found the inspiration or have felt the desperation to do it...


a new way of living!
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check out my signature pic, i was pretty misrible and scruffy looking lol!

after week 4 wi i am taking a new picture to put there to get rid of ugly mug at the bottom! its my motivation!


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Great post hourglass hun! Its def down to lifestyle choices and yeah prob self confidence! For me personally i always hated what i saw in the mirror..i suffered with bad acne even before i was fat!! I think we punish ourselves when we dont like our appearance. Whereas if we like what we see we have the confidence to maintain it! xx
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I agree with what everyone has already said but also think there is an element of complacency especially with "naturally" slim people. That is what they are, what they have always been, they take it for granted if you know what I mean. For example, for me being slim has a novelty factor.... this is what I have dreamed of and now it is a reality I love to dress up and try to make the most of myself. Am I making any sense??



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Yeah that totally makes sense! Very true too. My best friend has always been a size 8 and eaten whatever she likes however now as we are getting that bit older the complacency has caught up and she is putting the weight on and cant understand it! xx


Says it as it is!!!
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Going to kind disagree!
I wasn't happy with myself, but, never looked scruffy! I always tried my best to look good (unless i stayed in al day!) i would also over compensate and be overally happy and confident to hide the fact i felt 5hite!!! I worked in sales and recruitment, so had to be confident even if i didn't feel it! I suppose outside of the house i was 'in characther' sp? and when i was behind closed doors... i was me
I am waffling now so xxx
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For YEARS on my goal list number 1 was...

my goals...

1. loose weight - be 8stone again


I used to wonder - what would life me like if I didnt have to loose weight??? What goals to all these skinny feckers have???? Now I have nailed the weight thing (well almost) I cant wait to work my way down all the others - cos I feel like getting my body right was so important and it held me back from so many other things!!!

Life is going to get real good - I cant just feel it in me bones!

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