No More Orange Belts

You've lost a huge amount of weight so far, well done. I think I'm just going to pack my bag and come live with you...that place looks amazing. I can cook you healthy food and we could try to get a bogof on the Spanish lessons. When will I book my ticket for.
Haha, as soon as you like Tippe - ready and waiting, BOGOF sounds perfect! :p

and you'd be surprised with the Skywalk Emma - I'm normally scared of heights but even with the crazy wobbling it didn't really seem like a scary experience... provided you don't look down.

Anyway sorry I haven't posted for a few days - I've been really sick since Sunday afternoon and it was difficult to even read an email let alone put a post together, so I avoided the forum a bit - in addition, whenever I'm sick I just feel sorry for myself and let myself basically eat anything I want to try to feel better so... brace yourself for a terrible food diary.

Start - 148.3kg / 23st 5lbs
Week 1 - 142.5kg / 22st, 6.2lbs (5.8kg / 12.8lbs lost)
Week 2 - 140.3kg / 22st, 1.3lbs (2.2kg / 4.9lbs lost)
Day 18 - 139.0kg / 21st, 12.4lbs (1.3kg / 2.9lbs lost)
Total Loss - 9.3kg / 1st, 6.6lbs lost

So - some good news first of all is that I didn't go completely crazy. Like yesterday, I had a Papa Johns pizza, but it was literally the only thing I had all day which has meant I have actually continue to lose a little bit of weight. Now for the food diaries...

170 calories - GNC Chocolate Ready Made Meal Replacement Shake
500 calories - 100g Fruit & Nut Dairy Milk Chocolate
170 calories - 4 Quaker Oat Cookies w/Raisins (I don't believe the calories are this low but both the packaging and the internet are unclear)
301 calories - Caramel Sundae
1477 to 1712 calories - Hard Rock Cafe Chicken Fajitas
287 calories - French Fries
0 calories - A thousand diet soda's
2905 to 3140 = Total Calories

2320 calories - Papa Johns, Large, Thin Crust, "The Works" Pizza
0 calories - A thousand diet soda's
2320 = Total Calories

Tuesday (Today)
170 calories - GNC Chocolate Ready Made Meal Replacement Shake
850 - Thin Crust, Italian Restaurant Pizza (Nutritional Info guessed using Pizza Express data)
127 to 159 calories - 1 large White Wine
220 - 1 Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri
1367 to 1399 = Total Calories

It could definitely have been worse. On Monday I was working from home and really very sick so I'm surprised I didn't turn the bed into a fort and just eat crisps and chocolate until I was sick, because that is standard flu procedure. Today, I had a more healthy pizza and a couple of drinks over an evening meeting and.. well that's it really, little hiccup, weight still going down, and now back on the rails!

Today - even after yesterdays Papa Johns - I was given a kind result on the scales so I suspect tomorrow I will probably fluctuate upwards and will sadly not yet hit my 1 and a half stone mark, but we will see in the morning.

Remember - No matter how scary it is, if you write it down, you take away it's power!! #BackOnTrack
Thanks CG - starting to pull through it I think :)

Had a wonderful morning on the scales today (trying not to get too excited as it will probably bounce back up tomorrow):

Start - 148.3kg / 23st 5lbs
Week 1 - 142.5kg / 22st, 6.2lbs (5.8kg / 12.8lbs lost)
Week 2 - 140.3kg / 22st, 1.3lbs (2.2kg / 4.9lbs lost)
Day 19 - 137.5kg / 21st, 9.1lbs (2.8kg / 6.2lbs lost)
Total Loss - 10.8kg / 1st, 9.9lbs lost

That's right, 1.5 kg (3.3lbs) overnight - hurrah! Particularly as I was expecting an unforgiving weigh-in. 2 more days til we wrap up Week 3 so hopefully I can drop another pound or two to bump me comfortably over half a stone for week 3 :D

And a quick look at today's food - by no means exemplary and the taco's were more boredom than hunger but I did manage to stop myself doing the 3 taco deal and just having 2... at least :p

940 calories - Footlong Subway (BMT, Italian Bread, All Salad, American Cheese, BBQ Sauce)
230 calories - Barbeque crisps
? calories - 2x Tacos
0 calories - A thousand diet soda's
1170 + ? Tacos - Total Calories

We believe the Taco's to be under 250 calories each - so let's call it 1670 calories in total today. We'll live with that. While it's all going in the right direction I'm not being too hard on myself; progress is progress.

I started thinking a little about goals today. My first major goal is to get under 130kg, and there's an important reason! As regular readers know, part of my job involves doing excursions and around mid-October it will be necessary for me to do our 'Superman' zip line... here's a photo:


Now as you can imagine... your weight is relatively important when being suspended hundreds of meters about the ground by a few ropes. The people who run this have already tried to make me do it, but at the time I was over 18kg above the maximum weight limit so I declined. Now I'm just 7.5kg above the limit, however as I'll need to do it in 2 to 3 months time, I absolutely need to shift another 10 kilos in that time frame. Ideally more... I'm not sure how comfortable I would be doing it exactly on the maximum weight figure either!

So - motivation to keep it going - onward we march.
wow.....not sure if it is amazing or terrifying
and I am sure they have a huge margin built into it....but I wouldn't want to do it with a baggy belly (mine that is)
Hi all,

Just checking in! You all thought I was hiding in a corner eating chocolate didn't you?

Well I have been on and off the rails I will admit - it's been a difficult week - and I've had very little time due to work as well which is why I haven't really been on the forum but I am still going in the right direction! Can't believe it's four weeks today since I started - here's the scales update:

Week 0 - 148.3kg / 23st, 5.0lbs (starting weight)
Week 1 - 142.5kg / 22st, 6.2lbs (5.8kg / 12.8lbs lost)
Week 2 - 140.3kg / 22st, 1.3lbs (2.2kg / 4.9lbs lost)
Week 3 - 138.3kg / 21st, 10.9lbs (2.0kg / 4.4lbs lost)
Week 4 - 136.0kg / 21st, 5.8lbs (2.3kg / 5.1lbs lost)

Total Loss - 12.3kg / 1st, 13.2lbs lost

Although I feel like I was off the rails I guess that's just because I obsess over it on a daily basis - looking at the weekly results, it's a nice consistent 4 to 5 pounds a week now which is an excellent result and I can cope with it provided it stays around that speed a little while!

As it's 4 weeks today - let's bang out a few non-scale victories!

1. Someone at work has commented that he can see the difference and that it looks like I've lost weight; the comments have begun!

2. These denim shorts, that I only bought about 6 weeks ago and that fit me quite snuggly when they arrived:


3. I not only joined the gym this week, but yesterday I actually went! Fair enough, I only managed like 15 minutes or something embarrassing - but there really was a big psychological barrier up about walking in the building and I really didn't want to go; I was quite scared about just walking through the doors. But I did it. And it was fine. Let the gym begin!

Hope your own journeys are all going well! #KeepOnLosing
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Amazing success well done...and no I didn't think you were eating chocolate I thought you gave the zip wire a go and were stuck on it somewhere.
I've just sat and read your whole diary and its brilliantly funny and honest. It was amazing to see how much you've lost from page 1 - now

I'm properly jealous of the fact you're getting to see such amazing wildlife on a daily basis.

Do you find that the meal replacement shakes fill you up to some degree? I've got problems with my jaw so sometimes need to restrict myself to soft food so I'm wondering if these might be an idea to look into.