just about to visit my pharmacist to start on Lipotrim

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Lausan, 28 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Lausan

    Lausan Member

    Hi Everyone,
    i came here to read through all your motivating posts to get a well rounded idea on what am about to start. i must say am glad i did because all your posts although sobering have encouraging results.. i hope to start tomorrow, thought i should on monday because i am visiting my cousin who will be cooking, but am thinking maybe not. will decide tonight after my meeting.
    wish me luck:cry:
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  3. PaulaD

    PaulaD Member

    Hi Lausan,

    Welcome and the best of luck!! :))

    I started 3 days ago, it's been okay so far but I will be glad when this first week is over!

    I keep coming on here to keep motivated, some of the stories of weight loss are amazing!!!!

  4. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Hey Lausan!
    Well done on deciding to get started, I was on Lipotrim for 15 weeks and honestly it's the best thing I've ever done!
    If you ever need any support/motivitation/advice/inspiration, we're all here for you!
    Best of luck, I look forward to seeing your progress :D

    - Abbz x
  5. Lausan

    Lausan Member

    Hi People, Paula D and Abbz thank yo for the lovely messages.. i love your progress. gives me hope to succeed.
    So, i visted my pharmacist on friday and registered and today is Day 1 for me. am in school at the moment with lotsa of assignment so i hope i will have good distraction. pretty scared about the hunger though.
    but i will be logging in daily for my dose of motivation.
    here we go now!!:)
  6. P-J79

    P-J79 New Member

    Hi Lausa

    I'm on day 2 and although Im not hungry I do have a headache today and feel pretty tired. Good luck and lets keep each other posted.
  7. Lausan

    Lausan Member

    Hi P-J79
    Yay, I got someone that started same day as me... well today is a much better I must say and I feel just fine... i must say the smoothies are rather filling!

    Drink lots of water it will help with the headaches but you can take paracetamol if it persists.. our bodies are going through tough changes but we can do this...

    Good luck to you too and i will definitely keep you posted.
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