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Just as we were talking yesterday...!


...we're sinking deeper.
Interesting, I wonder how the Chines restaurants will cope with that!


...we're sinking deeper.
Well I reckon - the fact of the matter is: people will still buy the take-aways, there are many who will buy bad, fatty stuff regardless of the information being freely available: I mean many go into the supermarket, buy a pack of doughnuts or chocolate even though they know and can see the nutritional values on them?
Same thing here. I would like to know and make more informed decisions in the long run - of course I will still on occasion indulge in a really nasty meal: but I'll KNOW it's nasty and bad, unlike a lot of the time they sell you something healthy (like a salad) yet it for some retarded reason has like 600 calories in it, lots of fat and sugar? ... LOL, what's that all about.

I find it strange that many of Tesco's "Premium" range goods are so full of salt and sugar Minerva.


...we're sinking deeper.
Yes, that is true, I can go look things up on the net... But what if I'm out and about and decide to go for a meal with some mates? It's not like I have a computer handy to go check out their website! Plus it's sometimes so bloody hard to navigate them. I'm not obsessive enough to open a web browser on someone's phone just to look it up either! Haha.
And yes, Jim - I HAVE noticed many "Finest", "Premium" whatever meals in Supermarkets like Marks&Sparks, Tesco, Sainsbury's ARE loaded with extra butter, salt, sugar ... Butters, and free range ingredients of the finest quality *of course*, but too much never the less...!
Lol, I'd rather buy the ingredients myself and cook it with knowing exactly what's in there. Ready meals are sickly. :D
I think this is a good idea, as often if Im going out to a restaurant I like to read the menu beforehand and plan what Im going to eat, and try and find nutrition guides online. Would be great if I was out and about and decided to go somewhere spur of the moment.

Its good for people on diets to help them out as I find a salad is not always as healthy as people think! Also it may make people realised just HOW much they are eating by going out for a simple pizza and starter of garlic bread.

Having said that - most people who do go out for a chinese takeaway or a pizza hut - do they really care about calories if they are going there in the first place?
Yep, eating out is always difficult isn't it.

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