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Just buggered up big time!

:(I don't know why I've done this but.............. I ate 2 big doublechoc chip cookies and a sausage. Why the hell am I sabotaging myself like this?????
I know you'll all say to up the water intake and carry on but I'm really upset.
Earlier I read a couple of posts where people have lost 50lbs and 3 stone respectively in the time it's taken me to lose 2 stone (9 weeks) and it kind of got to me so I just.................ate! Stupid stupid stupid!
Thing is that I've only had one bar today and a litre of water and now I don't know whether to have my other packs.
I'm sure to have gone outta ketosis as there were carbs in the cookies alone!
Why can't I keep on track???? What's wrong with me??? I've still got nearly 3 stone to go and another few months ahead of me but this has made me feel really low though I enjoyed the taste at the time.
Sorry guys - just needed to vent and confess (it's the catholic in me!)
T :break_diet:
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have yr packs.... pick yrslf up, and start again... it was just a blip and u'll be back on track tomorrow... just remember why your doing it and u've done really well .
good luck


MUST get a grip
Tansy - you are human, the fact that you are still doing the diet when you went through such an awful time at the beginning is bloody brilliant hun!!!!!!!!!

Its a small mistake - not the end of the world hunny!

If you are not hungry dont have your packs, keep drinking plenty - you know how it all works now!

I havent lost 3st in 9wks and I havent cheated (arrrrgggg I dont like that word at ALL! or blipped or had any mistakes so far) - dont compare yourself to others its a surefire way to self sabotage.

All you need to do is concentrate - being slim and losing your weight is more important to you than eating at the moment. Tell yourself that over and over and you end up walking away from food.

If you beat yourself up, you loose confidence and a small hiccup ends up in an evening, day, week, month of bingeing etc!

Please be strong - you can do this!

Lots of love to you xxx
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Gosh its so hard when you start comparing yourself to others. Everyone loses weight at different rates, even if they weigh the same at the beginning!!

I'm going to say this, please don't take offence, the only person you are cheating is yourself by eating. You feel like a failure compared to others when looking at weight loss rates, so you think i'm not worth it and give in. You ARE worth it, and you know you can do it. You have done brilliantly so far. One little blip is not the end of the diet, unless you want it to be. It just means it might take an extra week or so to get to your goal. Is that the end of the world?

You WILL get there, hang on in. Get some water drunk, and if you aren't hungry, don't eat the packs. Dust yourself off and tomorrow is a new day.

Lots of :hug99:

Theresa x


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well, at least you slipped up with something worthwhile!! I'd be very happy with 2 cookies and a sausage :)
keep going, you'll make up for it soon enough!!
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Please please please don't start comparing your losses to others hun, it will drive you mad and drag you down. We are all different and our bodies lose at different rates. Instead focus on what you have achieved which is 2 whole stone, fabulous, be proud! Try and stay focused on the reasons why you started CD and as Clare said tell yourself over and over again that this is the most important thing to you and more important that any food.

You have done so well hun, don't let this small blip undo you hardwork.

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Make sure you get all three pack/bars a day all your nutrients and vitamins are in them. You could be feeling a bit down due to that. Keep drinking lots of water. Hope you feel better soon.:wave_cry:

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