Just cant do it :(


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Have really really tried with slimfast this week but have been snowed in and just wanna eat, Went out today in the snow and smashed my car sliding onthe ice grrrrrr just one thing after another, anyway i have decided that for now i will do slimming world until i feel i can carry on with slimfast.........sorry you guys i hope you all do gr8 and is it still ok if i pop on this forum to keep in touch with you all? xxxx good luck i shall keep you posted with my journey......hope its still ok to keep you guys on fb :) xxxxxx
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You've just got to find the right diet that works for you, and fingers crossed you'll do great on SW! Slimfast isn't for everyone, and it might just not be the right time for you to do it.

I hope you're okay, and your car's okay after that!

(And of course you need to come back here and talk to us! ;) )


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Hey Busybee... so sorry to hear about your mishap and Canada's right.. you have to be in the right frame of mind whatever diet you do so good look with slimmingworld. Let us know how you get on!



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Thanx Guys xxxxxxxxx

Yer your so right about finding the right diet and about being in the right frame of mind to do it, i really thought i could do slimfast but hey ho never mind just have to find something that works for me and hopefully sw will xxx

:) thanx again and Good Luck xx

I will deffo keep posting on here too xxxx


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I've not felt in the right frame of mind since before Christmas. My weekend off turned into just over 2 weeks and then the weather has been making everyone feel a bit down and out of their routine.

Good luck with SW.


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hope you are ok and you are more than welcome to pop by any time...
and i hope that you get on with sw and that its what you need...